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Hertfordshire launches new Cardiac Arrest Alert Scheme

paul webb (10/06/22 @ 15:29)

Very laudable I am sure. However once again the police are being asked to do someone else's job. Will the ambulance service attend the shoplifter who is kicking off. No of course not. Then again do the police still have to attend the scene of a person collapsed in their house to effect entry because the ambulance crew will not do it?

Anonymous (10/06/22 @ 16:16)

This is fantastic. It should be everywhere. I’m sure some may say it’s not the job of the police, but if an officer is literally within metres of someone in cardiac arrest surely it’s right that they offer help if they are in a position to carry out CPR until ambulance arrive. The primary responsibility of police is to protect and preserve life after all…

RDRS (16/06/22 @ 09:37)

The first and single most important role of an officer is to save life. The rest follows thereafter.

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