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Interview: ‘Better maternity support would attract more women to service’

Anon (25/06/22 @ 17:12)

I am interested in the comment that there should be a 50-50 target for the percentages of female and male officers. I've not heard that before and I am genuinely interested in the rationale for that? There are targets for BAME representation in policing but not at the level of specific percentages for different BAME communities. Is the concept of choosing the best candidate for the job so outdated that policing feels it cannot accept 55% female officers or the same difference in male representation? Clearly fairness and representation are vitally important for the service but the evidence of specific targets is poorly presented and unscientific.

paul webb (27/06/22 @ 08:57)

Are these people real? Women play a vital role in the job. However when they choose to have a family the rest of the job seems to have to cover for them. 1st the time they declare they are pregnant the job has to risk assess if and at what stage they need to come away from front line duties. 2nd the maternity leave and the period they are now unavailable to work. 3rd and this is the issue I really had problems with. Now because of "child care " issues they will only want to be ESSO 9-5 and God forbid you ever ask them to do any overtime. So they get shuffled of to a nice little office where they are in charge of DV or some such activity. So if they want to have half the job female. They had better start to recruit even more officers to cover the ladies when they all start having children. Remember it is going to years for them to be fully available again unless they have excellent child care at their beck and call. Meanwhile the childless officers will be the ones doing the 24/7 and being run ragged.

Seb Valentine (27/06/22 @ 10:46)

Thankfully, Paul, women in the UK are protected from discrimination through the equality act although I am under no illusion that some with misogynistic attitudes such as yours still have influence within Policing. I hope not for long. How do you think all those men in Policing with families manage to stay at work 24/7 doing loads of overtime? Maybe it's because the mother's of their children are doing all the childcare. I really hope you are retired and not within a million miles of of any serving female Police officers. I hope that any female officers reading this do not think it represents the view of the majority because it doesn't.

Softly Softly (27/06/22 @ 11:24)

Yet more social engineering!

paul webb (27/06/22 @ 12:19)

@Seb Valentine Of course I am retired. I would not be allowed to express any view contrary to the current orthodoxies if I was still serving. Yes I am aware that male officers have children and that in the main the female is the primary child carer. My argument is that although it would be wonderful to have a better maternity policy that allows the mainly female officers to continue to contribute to the job full time 24/7. That is never going to happen as "child care" issues will always raise their heads. From the mundane school run to the child being sick to the school going on strike etc. So when the ladies are doing the ESSO 9-5 those other officers are out there 24/7 in the rain and cold fighting the untermench at kicking out time etc. No sign of getting these ladies to help at these times is there? Because I would be amazed if many female officers with young children are actually working 24/7. Please feel free to give me examples of how many female officers that are doing that compared to those who I know are doing the ESSO 9-5

retired brief (03/07/22 @ 20:09)

@paul webb You are absolutely right, it has nothing to do with misogyny, it is a matter of the logistical resilience of the police. If 50% of the police force (forget the service tripe) are women of child bearing age the long term result will be that 50% of the force will be on maternity leave or back on restricted ESSO duties to fit in with child issues. This is just not supportable in modern day crime ridden, drug addled, organised criminal blighted society. Woe betide any supervisory officer (male or female) who tries to interfere with the 'rights' of these female officers to an easy job tenure for as long as they can get away with it. I am also retired so can speak the truth, and have experience of policewomen (yes in the plural) going long term sick after returning from maternity leave but after six months when in danger of going onto half pay, turn up for one days 'work' in a back office to stop the half pay and then, the next day, back on another six months long term sick leave on full pay. Spare us the weepy stories about women being downtrodden in these circumstances, quite a few of them are as hard as nails and only work to their own agenda , which has nothing to do with the protection of the public but the milking of the system for as long as they can.

Looseym (05/07/22 @ 13:23)

Anon, the 50/50 split is based on the fact (I believe) that we police our communities and that the gender split nationally is around that figure.

Looseym (05/07/22 @ 13:24)

Judging by some of the comments below, it is obvious to see why there is a need for some actual policy around maternity.

Offtherails (07/07/22 @ 19:21)

Really…this officer left the force to retrain as something else. Ok, good for them. So did I after 16 years. Perhaps then realising the maternity benefits outside the job are total crap, only to rejoin and then have two children…..of course knowing full well the maternity benefits provided by the police are utterly exceptional by modern public or private sector standards. She has played the system that has treated her incredibly well, but still that isn’t enough. I’m glad I left this pandering, unfair and discrimatory (towards men) shower of sh*t and now enjoy my life. Boils my you know what.

Anon (13/07/22 @ 20:38)

@Looseym. It's not and indeed nowhere near 50/50. You're just plucking figures out of the air.

Bob (16/07/22 @ 18:23)

@Seb Valentine Just because someone has a different opinion or has had different experiences does not mean they are a misogynist. It's just a nasty slur thrown around at 'the drop of a hat' at anyone who sticks their head up to shut them up.

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