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PCCs facing power grab challenge from new regional mayors

Anonanon (13/06/22 @ 11:23)

So Regional Mayors could takeover projects... leaving PCC's with basic oversight of their forces...... Wasn't that what PCC's were set up to do before they morphed into the soundbite bandwagon they are today?

retired brief (13/06/22 @ 12:34)

A huge waste of tax payers money being proposed with two egotistical politically driven individuals individuals seeking to protect and expand their own empires to the detriment of the other. Do the police in this country really need this?

paul webb (13/06/22 @ 15:20)

The law of unintended consequences Cameron's stupid idea of creating PCC's to allow greater democratic oversight(control) of the police has morphed into the PCC's taking over the fire brigades and anything else that is not nailed down. Huge bloated PCC's with deputies and assistant deputies and managers in charge of switching on the kettle has carried on unabated. Scrap the lot and return to the old police authorities

Anon (13/06/22 @ 16:59)

Can we look forward to a commensurate reduction in PCC's salaries if they loose responsibilities to regional mayors? Somehow I doubt it. The boated, failed PCC experiment rumbles on.

Jensen2021 (13/06/22 @ 17:22)

That’s the thing, ever growing number of HR, admin, secretaries, management, executives. (You will always need some back office admin) but the job seems to be dictated by civilian staff. A crime report for example cannot be cancelled or re classified by a DS/DI, as they are over ruled by crime auditors at HQ. A poor officer can spend an extended shift doing a file, to then come in to haranguing emails from various civilian staff with ‘amendments,’ that are often contradictory, a further waste of time. As former PC ‘David Copperfield’ said, ‘free the police; sack the bureaucrats and save billions.’

Ian (19/06/22 @ 14:14)

A bit harsh! Perhaps "huge, bloated OPCC's" might be more fair?

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