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Northumbria introduces domestic abuse specialists to control rooms

Softly Softly (13/06/22 @ 17:38)

So VAWG to the fore yet again, I note the female 'specialists', assuming a male victim of domestic abuse phones in (yes believe it or not male can also be victims of such abuse) does he get short shrift/ Iwouldn't be in the least bit surprised if he did.

Bob French (15/06/22 @ 21:43)

There's more staff in the control room, than on the streets.

Bob French (16/06/22 @ 10:00)

They could be housed in an air con room, opposite the contemplation area and next to the Faith room.

Bob French (16/06/22 @ 10:02)

The poor chap probably wouldn't waste his time if he knew of this policy.

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