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Cumbria PCC commissions specialist support for male victims

Bob French (15/06/22 @ 18:32)

And recycle once again.....

Softly Softly (16/06/22 @ 08:12)

Blimey, that'll upset the VAWG bandwagon ridden by so many PCCs and their puppet Chief Constables.

Jensen2021 (16/06/22 @ 12:46)

I agree that men should not feel ashamed in coming forward, but the issue is, that we live in a society that emphasises a hierarchy of victimhood, who seem to compete to be at the top of the ladder of who is most vulnerable, whilst people who genuinely need help are ignored or told that they’re actually privileged because of *insert word that shuts down debate* I agree with this sentiment, but unfortunately it’ll probably be shouted down by others with their own agenda

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