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PSNI makes fresh appeal to find RUC killers 25 years on

Tangi (16/06/22 @ 15:11)

The republicans who carried out this murder are well known.

DarrenH (16/06/22 @ 22:22)

‘The dogs on the streets’ an old one but a true one. When you have a community struck dumb with threats of violence, for non compliance, there really are limited options. Be sure that the perpetrators are known, to the Police. Without that one telephone call from within the community, the investigation is a hard to progress.

ASG (18/06/22 @ 13:56)

People know exactly where to look for these killers, hiding in plain sight as have many others and they don’t care, the their community and politicians don’t care…

ASG (21/06/22 @ 05:21)

I keep getting drawn back to this picture of John with his children, it’s so identical to one of my father, they look and dress the same and both are holding their children the same way. This man’s cowardly killers could in all reality have held and might continue to hold public office on the island of Ireland

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