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PCSO fined for masturbating in park on duty

The Good Badger (16/06/22 @ 19:48)

It always amazes me that errant police are always arrested, even in the absence of apparent necessity criteria. We know human rights don't apply to police but is PACE now defunct too? Why could he not have been invited to a voluntary interview? What powers subsequent to arrest were required to further the investigation?

Anonanon (16/06/22 @ 21:54)

I think its bundled into the 'S**T we have to do something NOW' small print that SMT work from. PACE hasn't caught up with it yet.

Anonanon (16/06/22 @ 21:57)

As per a comment by Paul Webb yesterday about a PO article..... 'You can have a w**k in a park during the day, in full uniform and get a £500 fine' 'You can download a shed load of indecent images of children and get a Community Order' But for those out there who may think about straying beyond society's boundaries ... DO NOT make it Racist. Hard time will follow.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (17/06/22 @ 09:31)


Bob French (17/06/22 @ 18:30)

What a tosser. Good riddance.

Bob French (17/06/22 @ 18:31)

I think you could say that about most arrests.

The Good Badger (17/06/22 @ 20:47)

@Bob French before I retired, I often experienced custody sergeants trying to bully newer officers by quizzing them as to their necessity rationale and then refusing detention if their response wasn't slick enough. I was once asked if I had considered inviting a suspected drink driver of attending voluntarily for the station procedure as an alternative to arrest. I had to explain that power of arrest for drink drive comes from the Road Traffic Act and not PACE. But I take your point. Many police think that failure to desist the criminal act is a reason for arrest. It is not.

Anon (18/06/22 @ 20:21)

Was he completing a"Handover"

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