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New commissioner must accept “extent of Met's cultural problems”

Anonanon (17/06/22 @ 16:14)

So basically Khan wont be happy unless the new incumbent puts on the hair shirt and falls to their knee's at MOPAC's door wailing the words 'Forgive me Sadiq for we have sinned'. Like most politicians and with the willing aid of MSM he extrapolates a small number of widely publicised cases to come to the conclusion that suggest the MET is rotten to the core,which is nonsense. His tub thumping little speech lays the ground for the ever more slicing of whatever remains of the independence of the MET and its leadership. And it also looks like the random dip sampling of officers phones/media is raising its head again.

Softly Softly (17/06/22 @ 16:15)

What he actually means unless he or she does as he dictates and happens to be from a minority group he won't accept the person, just as well the choice isn't his!

retired brief (17/06/22 @ 16:47)

He speaks of the need for leadership ready to...improve...confident to 'bring in outside expertise and oversight to ensure we (who is 'we' and do 'we' represent every variation of people in the community or just a small section of it) get the organisational change from top to bottom that is required. How will he identify that person(s) and where will they come from? Are we looking for a collection of 'ology' academics from third rate old polytechnics trying to kid then world that they are now a university who will make the right noises in interview or Act the right roles in some kind of assessment process? And, then hand over the Metropolitan Police to some kind of politically correct Fred Karno supervisory clique, who have no idea of fighting crime , drugs dealers and organised crime groups plus maintaining the peace in violent demonstration after violent demonstration in London. Well best of luck with that Mr. Khan I am sure your name will go down in history for all then wrong reasons.

Bertie Jerome (18/06/22 @ 10:46)

You really do have issues

Jensen2021 (18/06/22 @ 11:47)

Exactly - imagine if no prospective candidate would accept this, meaning no new commissioner. The mayor would be in a bit of a pickle. I doubt it, as somebody will be willing to adopt the ‘correct party line’ if it gets them promotion. The mayor is being incredibly hyperbolic. Yes, racism does of course exist, but we know it exists in the NHS too, where is the demonisation there? (Not suggesting there should be, but to highlights the double standards, and of course deeply undermines Met officers

ASG (18/06/22 @ 13:41)

One creep officer murders an woman and we’re all potentially misogynistic killers and abusers. A unit at CX suffers from a serious lack of supervision and this is an indication of widespread deep rooted cultural issues. Unless the Met agrees with Khan it can never improve, unless the Met formerly admits is failings it can never get better, this is democracy. My backside it’s democracy, it’s a creepy little legal,aid lawyer specialising in police complaints who plays the Asian race card and becomes a Labour MP. He plays it again and becomes the London mayor and he’s now playing the international politician and dealing with every grievance he’s ever had. There are a lot of deep rooted cultural issues within the Indian, Pakistan, Bangladeshi and wider Asian communities that are not exactly compatible with a North European Christian country but we all manage to get by. My concern is that he keeps banging this drum and there is no public push back from the Federation, Supts Association, Senior Management. He looks like he’s right. Is he right ?

retired brief (18/06/22 @ 16:32)

No he is not right, I made remarks in a similar manner and received a reply telling me I 'had issues' seems that makes two of us so far but I am sure there are many, many others of a similar view who certain people posting on this site would like to censor or even cancel in modern day public jargon.

Anon (18/06/22 @ 19:57)

What an absolute Poison Chalice. No right minded senior officer is going near the Commissioner job, indeed most of the favourite candidates have ruled themselves out. Good luck with the recruitment, you're going to need it!

DT (19/06/22 @ 16:47)

Reading this it seems to me that the awful Mayor Khan wants another layer of oversight for the Met. Something like the Committee for equality, community intervention, standards and ethics. They will be an all powerful group that questions everything the new Commissioner does. They will make the decisions subject to a majority committee vote. Oh and membership will be decided by the Mayor. So expect the usual “community leadersâ€쳌, quango members & a guest seat for the IOPC.

retired brief (19/06/22 @ 17:55)

Watch out DT you will be accused of 'having issues'!!!!

paul webb (20/06/22 @ 08:32)

Khan is having his normal rant at the Met. He appears to looking for a multicultural puppet. One that will tick as many boxes as possible. So that will be female, BAME, LBGT etc. Good luck with that one. The Met and the police in general are not institutionally racist or any other ist! They are human beings thousands of them. Each one with their own personally held views. Some will have views that are now considered beyond the pale. But so do MP's NHS civil servants etc. It is not quite yet 1984 but this Orwellian thought control has seeped into public life like a cancer. Whoever gets the job I do hope we do see a Sir Robert Marks type because he would not have tolerated the interference with his command from the likes of khan.

Ian (20/06/22 @ 10:29)

Given that the Mayor and the Home Sec are never likely to be able to agree a place-person that can meet both their wishes, it is going to be an impossible task for whoever takes it. I cannot imagine that Sir Robert Mark would be applying for the job if he were around to do so today, given his views on high standards in public office.

Guest (20/06/22 @ 12:53)

Is Khan saying that neither of the two candidates remaining (Nick Ephgrave and Mark Rowley) are suitable?

Anthony (20/06/22 @ 16:45)

Perhaps Sadie Khan requirement for the job of Commissioners of the Metropolis should start by saying, “Only sycophants need applyâ€쳌

Anthony (20/06/22 @ 17:09)

Sorry should read Sadiq not Sadie. Auto correct rides again.

Squadman (20/06/22 @ 19:01)

What a cheap little dictator Khan is. Someone who cares not a jot for the people of London and even less for the Metropolitan Police as a whole. A puppet-master, to get the successful applicant dancing to his tune – whatever that might be. God help law & order. God help the people of London. And God help the Met – because nobody else has got the balls to stop him.

ASG (21/06/22 @ 05:24)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Khan agreed with you.

Fatblurk (21/06/22 @ 21:36)

Wonder how the job description reads and whether it actually mentions anything about law enforcement and dealing with crime. Taking that job would be like eating Fugu cooked by someone who has degree in performance art but got the job as chef because they meet the criteria of a crackpot restuarant owner.

Paddy M (23/06/22 @ 22:05)

Perhaps the diminutive mayor could issue his thoughts in a little red book. Then we can all say the right things and all will be well! At this rate Londoners might yet get a totally hopeless Commissioner famous only for having no spine.

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