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Durham Chief’s contract renewed

Annoymous. (17/06/22 @ 23:06)

IMHO a very poor Chief Constable. I’m retired and have never worked with the CC. However, I learnt much about her following her involvement in the Police Appeal Tribunal of Katie Barrett. For those of those who do not know PC Barrett made racist comments whilst off duty, one of her colleagues, rightly reported her. She was investigated and dismissed. PC Barrett appealed to the Police Appeal Tribunal (PAT). The PAT was made up of a Legally Qualified Chair, a Lay member and as was DCC Farrell. Not only did the panel reinstate Barrett they wished her well in her career !!!! DCC Farrell and her panel colleagues where content with reinstating a racist officer and wishing her well. Northumbria Police rightly Judicially reviewed the decision and the perverse decision of the PAT was quashed by the High Court. I believe this decision caused much damage to the police service, it’s relationship with its BAME officers and communities and all right minded people who believe that there is no place for racists in the service including good cops. How was this major failing considered when DCC Farrell was appointed to CC ?

Anon (18/06/22 @ 20:16)


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