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College of Policing reaffirms end of IPLDP with Regulations change

Captainover (20/06/22 @ 14:24)

They will do a last minute U turn when they realise in March 2023 that the 20,000 cops have not been reached and that around 25% will have left. PCDA is a complete shambles in my force and people are leaving in their droves. They simply won't listen and will then try and blame some other reason for the poor retention..."Oh it's a competitive market out there".

Old Skool Kind of Guy (20/06/22 @ 14:29)

MWAC sounds most sensible... Be good if some higher quality universities were on board with all of this PEQF stuff...the theory of all of this is great but the proof will be in the pudding over the next few years.

paul webb (20/06/22 @ 15:16)

I and many of my fellow dinosaurs have been predicting that this degree only approach will ultimately end in tears. Have we ben listened to? No as clearly shown the CoP and the Home office are firmly wedded to this scheme come hell or high water. So if you are !8 years old get paid to get a degree 3 years later out the door with a cracking cv straight into a safer and better paid 9-5 job. No brainer!! If you can grit your teeth as you juggle proper police work with all the academic bull droppings. Repeat until they suddenly realise that there is no one left with more than a few years experience. Then will someone come out with a brilliant idea regional PTC no requirement to get a degree 2 years probation and viola a fully fledged police officer. Not holding my breath on that one.

Guest (20/06/22 @ 15:23)

The college of policing will never listen, never admit they are wrong. Those in charge of Empire building rarely do.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (20/06/22 @ 15:30)

if i was 18 and wanted a degree I would try to go to a top university not an old poly and certainly not study policing for the hell of it - your thinking may be overly cynical!

paul webb (20/06/22 @ 17:10)

@Old Skool Kind of Guy Maybe so. And if you wanted to be doctor or lawyer etc then you would not want the police degree. However if you are one of Blairs target of getting 50% out of education with a degree any kind of degree. Then the police degree is a no brainer. No student debt which can be north of £40,000 at the end of 3 years a cracking cv and a vast range of jobs will suddenly want to take you on. yes I am being very cynical but you watch the job descend into chaos when these degree only officers flock out of the door after only a few years.

Springbok223 (21/06/22 @ 09:47)

The Empire Builders are at it againthey are very reluctant to listen to anyone but 'themselves'. It will end in a disaster, as predicted by many.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (21/06/22 @ 11:10)

what has happened to the accelerated promotion scheme for graduates now that everyone is a graduate?

Fatblurk (21/06/22 @ 22:09)

Do they actually know what response officers deal with? It isn't cybercrime (remember that one) or on line crime it's the same old disfunctional families, domestics, street violence etc that generations of cops have dealt with. Put acedemics in charge of an organistation and that's what they will want of their employees. Only the public are paying the price of this folly.

Captainover (22/06/22 @ 05:51)

You are completely correct. Who has ever heard of response officers dealing with cyber crime? We don't need a whole load of officers who can write about being a cop. We need people who can actually get involved in the rough and tumble and protect themselves, their colleagues and the public.

Anon (22/06/22 @ 14:24)

@Old Skool Kind of Guy. The world is a very cynical place. Many jobs require a degree level education, they do not stipulate what degree. Consequently a free degree and three years police service is a very attractive package at no cost and a great lever in to abetter career outside of policing. Just look at the wastage rates already, it is eye opening!

retiredandangry (23/06/22 @ 16:32)

I’m sure the College must be mistaken or haven’t double-checked the figures. IPLDP was the single most popular entry route over the last couple of years, with 11,070, just 1,000 ahead of the Apprenticeship. The Degree Holder route about 8,000

A-non-e-mouse (25/06/22 @ 19:37)

To quote Albert Einstein : "Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom." The IPLDP scheme allowed the right experienced candidates to join the Police. Strip that away and you lose valuable experience. What a complete shambles!

Interested (27/06/22 @ 11:01)

Clearly no one at the college is interested in producing police officers that can do day to day police work (ie not cyber crime) and have nothing to say on the impact of below inflation pay settlements. Emperors new clothes

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