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Thames Valley Police to launch behavioural science unit

Fatblurk (21/06/22 @ 21:54)

Utter claptrap. I was a victim of crime in late January. It took me contacting the OIC's Inspector directly to get contact and then the OIC had done F/A despite me submitting information via the TVP website and their 101 , which i waited nearly 20 minutes to get through to a human. I am now nearing 5 months later no wiser as to what is going on and if they don't get their finger out and get it sorted before 6 months, because it is criminal damage under £5k the CPS won't proceed. So never mind tidying tables and putting some stickers up and employing some snake oil salespeople, how about employing some people to actually let victims know WTF is happening. A total joke and that's from an Ex copper.

Anonanon (21/06/22 @ 22:34)

The only OGILVY I can find in the system is a NYC based British advertising, marketing and PR company who... Design the brand, turn the brand into an experience, communicate the brand's story. Make brands matter! I bet they didn't come cheap and the seat warmers at the fledgling behavioural science unit will come at a package price as well. Madness.

Softly Softly (22/06/22 @ 08:21)

Well I guess it makes a change from the usual 'virtue signalling' but nonetheless more utter nonsense, TVP obviously has a surplus of Superintendents.

retired brief (22/06/22 @ 09:53)


Patrick (22/06/22 @ 12:41)

I had the same with Dorset. I hounded the Inspector daily, eventually got a postal requisition two days before the six months was up. The good news the Inspector had some, what I would call entertaining, excuses

Squadman (22/06/22 @ 13:00)

I can see a quote from the IOPC – can’t you? Regretfully, we were unable to establish that PC Bloggs had beaten-up the suspect, planted incriminating evidence and committed perjury but during our three year investigation – having sent flowers and our sincere apologies to the victim’s family – we would point out that not only did PC Bloggs fail to clean up the parade room, or the operations room, he also blatantly failed to follow the advice contained on the sticker affixed to the door of his car. This standard of behaviour will not be tolerated … But many thanks to crime-busting Superintendent Parker – at least she’s observed that the frontline troops have got the plates spinning. The residents of Thames Valley can sleep safely in their beds.

Jensen2021 (22/06/22 @ 21:35)

So much crap that the police get criticised for is unfair, but this is an exception. We don’t need more armies of interfering bureaucrats in the police. Again, too many empire building senior officers whilst there is an ever dwindling number of actual cops.

Softly Softly (23/06/22 @ 10:19)

One wonders how many police officers of Chief Inspector rank and above actually deal with real policework rather than inane research and projects and of course virtue signalling?

Seb Valentine (23/06/22 @ 20:59)

Anon (27/06/22 @ 23:16)

Wow!! TVP must be so excited to have Flick Parker to suggest tidying the parade room. I wonder if she has been on a dealing with the media course run by Liz Truss!

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