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Police Scotland retention row raises fresh questions in England

paul webb (23/06/22 @ 09:03)

Love the fact the SNP are saying "Don't panic we will sort this out" This is the party that can not organise a piss up in a brewery Scottish officers with 25 years service are going to leave and then with their full pension either do nothing or go and get another job that is no where near as stressful. How they are going to stop this flood off officers leaving?

Anon (23/06/22 @ 15:45)

Let's just hope that the same rights are achieved south of the border. I hope the Federation are actively pursuing a deal that mirrors Scottish officers choice to retireat 25 years service. I can guarantee that the rush for the door will be truly spectacular.

Captainover (23/06/22 @ 17:05)

One thing about most police leaders… they lack integrity and just try and gaslight people into believing all is well when it’s not. In fact they are incompetent.

Fatblurk (23/06/22 @ 17:56)

Retiring at 25 years because their pensions weren't messed with by their government. Senior officers are resembling the Emporer's new clothes folk tale with Fed being the child who tells it like it is.

Anon (23/06/22 @ 21:00)

Most officers that retire generally go on and do another job giving themselves a generous pay rise and one that has no stress, who can blame them.

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