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Timing of Op Hotton report designed to unseat Commissioner Fed claims

Anonanon (22/06/22 @ 20:04)

Nice to see the FED throwing some verbal's back at the likes of KHAN and the IOPC. I doubt we will ever find out if there was some form of collusion between KHAN's office and IOPC re the timing of the reports release. KHAN has a permanent bone to chew with police anyway and this was a gift to the opportunist chancer that he is. Op HOTTON related to a small team based at Charing Cross. IOPC, who lack any form of counterbalancing perspective, make the bad apples reference suggesting these are not isolated incidents. Ken Marsh rightly points out there is no evidence of this being widespread. However Sal states they see this in their investigations and it is not exclusive to the Met. This again is not put in the perspective of 1.The number of complaints actually received by IOPC against the number of serving officers out there. 2. How many of those actual complaints actually go anywhere. A recent PO article puts the figure as very low. However as the IOPC work to a 'no smoke without fire' flavour to their reports it matters not.

Tangi (23/06/22 @ 12:59)

The only thing that matters are, were the allegations true? Was the authorities aware of them? What have they put in place to stop them happening? What happened to officers found to be in the wrong?

Anon (23/06/22 @ 15:36)

The IOPC see wrongdoing in every interaction with the Police and at the same time absolutely refuse to accept and recognise any criticism of their own amateurish organisation. It is very clear that IOPC has become politically controlled and is delivering against an agenda set by their political masters.

paul webb (23/06/22 @ 15:44)

Sorry to say this but Ken Marsh might as well save his breath. Khan and the IOPC are incapable of seeing the police in anything other than a bad light. It will never fit their personal agendas to ever give praise to the police. Just another example of the constant drip drip of acid that these kind of people pour onto the police

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