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IOPC to re-investigate Port case after new evidence

paul webb (23/06/22 @ 15:38)

MSM is reporting that 16 of the 17 officers under investigation had gone no comment and presented the IOPC with a pre written statement. That must have confused them. So now the muppets at the IOPC who we all know move at the speed of a crippled snail are going to have another go at this one. Most of these officers will be drawing their pensions before the IOPC works out what they are supposed to be doing.

A Nony Mouse (23/06/22 @ 20:19)

Well (expletive deleted) the IOPC admits making a mistake! Its a shame that they never do that when they pillory officers who are then exonerated either by a court or a force disciplinary hearing. Having said that I've also got to say that the original MPS investigation does appear to have been handled very badly.

Anonanon (23/06/22 @ 21:26)

The investigations into the deaths of these young men at the hands of PORT made uncomfortable reading as the whole sequence unraveled in subsequent inquiries into what occurred. The IOPC,eventually,concluded that no officers should face conduct hearings but identified a number of officers who's performance fell below expected standards and recommended measures to ensure improvement. This is not hugely out of step with the subsequent inquest findings who concluded that investigative failures 'probably' contributed to the deaths of three of the men and noted a lack of 'professional curiosity'. The inquests findings also noted however that the unit tasked to deal with the cases was overloaded and under pressure. The fall out also laid bare the fractious relationship between under resourced Borough units and central squads as requests for help or taking on of the jobs were rebuffed and at best a list of investigative 'to do's' listed without any indication of how the overloaded and under pressure Borough Units would cope with this. IOPC are very coy as to what the significant 'new information' is to justify a re-opening of this case. The families of these young men want heads to roll. This is understandable. Could the sequence of deaths at the hand of PORT have been stopped sooner?. With those hindsight goggles on, probably. Will a rehashed IOPC investigation bring anything new to the table? We can only wait and see....but I hold no conclusion other that they will direct something will happen on the hope that something sticks, somewhere. Will it bring the 4 men who died at the hands of PORT back. No The prevention of similar tragedies could be reduced considerably by ensuring Borough CID are given priority on resourcing,staffing and continual SMT support. SMT have made noises about lessons learned and resourcing. However as a cynical observer of Borough politics over the years such measures are always short lived and its always back to plate spinning and running around covering job to job with fingers crossed. It seems to me though that if hearings are directed the bottom end of the chain of command gets the worst of it.

London (23/06/22 @ 22:28)

I sat through some of the Inquest and thought what came over strongly was that there was very poor or no police leadership in the investigations, especially after Day 1. The MPS appears to vastly over-rely on its junior staff - Constables and Sergeants - to do most of the work, who are often making the best of the limited resources they have at the time. It's necessary to bring back Inspectors, Chief Inspectors and Superintendents into the actual investigations now - don't have them just sat in pointless policy and compliance meetings all day, especially when their junior staff are looking for the leadership they should have.

Springbok223 (24/06/22 @ 10:28)

I don't believe it, the Incompetent Office of Pure Crap admits it made a mistake, that must be the first time ever.!!!!!!

Bob French (24/06/22 @ 13:21)

Actual skilled and competent detectives is what is needed.

Squadman (24/06/22 @ 14:22)

The ineptitude, inexperience, arrogance, bone idleness and the complete lack of professional ability by the officers concerned, in a case where one of the victims’ sisters had to actually point out the salient features to prove that, yes, these were murders and yes, the cases were linked, to these so-called investigators, utterly beggars belief. The blame can fairly be laid at the doors of those airy-fairy senior officers who, for a generation of policing (or more) have encouraged those officers, on the way up, to flit from one department to another. It is only when matters are reversed, so that detectives – or indeed any officer in any specialised department - stay in that department, gaining promotion through ability and experience; and when that happens, leadership will surely follow, with the junior ranks wanting to emulate them. But until that happens, more and more of these gasp-producing, embarrassing cock-ups will follow.

ASG (28/06/22 @ 18:01)

id like to know the fresh evidence which has come to light or is that just another IOPC tale….

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