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Staffordshire expands reach of emergency response officers

Anon (27/06/22 @ 23:00)

And the wheel turns once more. Only a few years ago central response hubs were all the rage! Isn't it funny how last years headline news is todays chip paper! Still you can't get promoted without changing things!

Anonanon (28/06/22 @ 00:45)

The detail in this master plan to placate HMIC and deliver this 'new model' is all a bit vague. From 3 bases, which presumably were set up to consolidate the 'old model' response are now sent to the four corners of Staffs to another seven stations which I can only assume were just old stations allowed to accommodate basic neighbourhood teams. SMT love reinventing the wheel but often fall short on the detail of making it work. No mention of working custody suites in all this. You can have response parked up and 'embedded' locally but when they have to nick someone they are finished for the rest of the shift and more. There and back and processing in the middle.

retired brief (28/06/22 @ 11:20)

This new model of old style policing has received the backing of the PCC says the chief constable. Phew, he must have been relieved to get that pat on the back, at least until any problems are encountered and then he will receive the wrath of the PCC who will be looking to defend his count at the next vote by the small number of the local electorate who are bothered to turn out to vote in elections for a PCC.

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