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Kent's diversity promotion panels look to embed awareness

paul webb (28/06/22 @ 16:15)

Without fear or favour!! The onward march to 1984 continues unabated. Thought crimes will be punished ruthlessly. Do not even think about having a contrary opinion to the prevailing orthodoxies such as transgender rights.

Anon (28/06/22 @ 17:25)

What is the BAME population of Kent as a percentage? 4% or more?

retired brief (28/06/22 @ 19:35)


Captainover (28/06/22 @ 22:24)

As a gay officer I find this sort of nonsense just makes people even more hateful of minorities. For gods sake just shut up about it and let’s get on with locking up criminals.

Picachu (28/06/22 @ 23:08)

Didn't Kent come out as one of the worst performing forces in the crime stats and attendance times last year? I've only ever known it to be a free proving ground for officers to do their probation and leave for the Met, from what I hear about the levels of violence in some of the Kentish towns nowadays I'd say they need to get most of their senior officers back down to BCU level to get a grip of the work and high staff attrition.

Jensen2021 (30/06/22 @ 19:43)

Just incredible where the priorities are in this force. I wouldn’t be surprised if most want the chief to go, he’s wasted so much money on vanity projects but thinks he’s fantastic. The resignation and early retirement rate is high but they bury their heads in the sand and pander to their own self aggrandising interests

Bob (01/07/22 @ 14:25)

'Head of Diversity and Inclusion'... If they can't find proper jobs, preferably with a crime fighting related theme, for higher ranking officers to do then why are they being promoted in the first pace ? It's just more mind numbing PC drivel to insult hardworking officers with.

Jensen2021 (01/07/22 @ 22:03)

Absolutely. There are genuinely too many senior officers in non jobs. There needs to be a clear out of non policing departments, guanos, corporate nonsense. It would save money and allow police to be more effective.

retired brief (02/07/22 @ 17:08)

Spot on Bob. Speaking as an ex senior police officer of the real old style, dedicated to putting seriously bad people behind bars and leaving social work to the social workers. We now have 'butterfly' senior officers flitting from one so called issue to the next at the demand (yes demand) of empire building PCC's who are usually failed or second rate politico's with weight problems due to the amount of conference dinners and other jollies on tax payers expenses. Royal Commission needed to bin all this very expensive grandstanding and reinvent the wheel. (For the benefit of the Bertie detractors on this site, nothing to do with having personal issues it is about bringing sanity back into a country desperate for real effective policing on the issues that really do matter to them.

Annoymous. (03/07/22 @ 18:16)

Why is it assumed someone of senior rank is competent in Diversity. Some of the most racist cops I’ve dealt with when I was in the job were senior ranks. Who were the senior officers who decided to defend the case of Angus Bowler? How many were promoted ?

JD (05/07/22 @ 14:55)

Can we just concentrate on policing? Sick of diversity and inclusion!

Bob French (06/07/22 @ 17:37)

Quite a few competent, decent and respected officers will simply tell them where to stick their panel rather than play games like this.

Springbok223 (09/07/22 @ 14:58)

There are many other things in the job other than diversity. I hoped that when Dame Diversity Dick went things would improve, but they are going faster downhill than any bobsleigh. Some of these people need to 'get over' themselves. Tillitson sounds like an 'emoiure builder'.

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