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Met admits 'cumulative impact' of scandals as HMIC steps in

Anonanon (29/06/22 @ 12:03)

Well that's another massive big stick handed to Khan to play with in his crusade to mould the MET into his own image. The way I see it,hes created a vacuum at the top by forcing out the previous Commissioner.That gap has not been filled as no applicable rank of any calibre has gone anywhere near it. Who would want to be a puppet in a uniform with Khan pulling the strings? The longer the post remains unfilled the greater the speculation that the MET is taking water in the ongoing media storms. HMIC pop up and now that self fulfilling prophesy is complete. The MET has made some bad decisions in recent years, structurally the move from 32 to 12 super boroughs was the worst and flawed from the start. The original couple of pilot sites were a complete shambles at the beginning and despite warnings that time was needed to get the pilots into good working models they continued the roll out regardless.The cumulative effect of this is finally surfacing. The timing of this special measures couldn't have come at a worst time. Still,the day to day working of the MET continues unabated but unless there's a scandal attached to it no one cares.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (29/06/22 @ 12:20)

don't knock the 32 into 12 BCU model as lots of officers will have been promoted on these and similar hair-brained change initiatives!

Anonymous (29/06/22 @ 12:33)

The met are beyond hope. Need scrapbooking and start afresh.

Captainover (29/06/22 @ 12:35)

The reality with policing is that it is broken completely. There are insufficient front line and specialist officers to deal with the demands being put on the police. The Chiefs need to grow a pair and start pushing back on work that is not that of the police.

Patrick (29/06/22 @ 12:52)

About time we stopped recording 'non crime offences' stopped investigating comedians who tell bad jokes and generally ignore people who have been offended by something or other. Stick to what we used to be good at........Protection of life and property. Prevention of crime etc etc etc

Springbok223 (29/06/22 @ 14:48)

Half these problems were caused by the Worst Home Secretary ever, Mrs T May, who cut thousands of officers from the Met, and a weak Commissioner in Dame Diversity Dick, who let the Met go down and down, but then she wasn't helped by Two-dads, before her, he was weak and let the Met down with the cases of Lord Bramall and Lawson, he belived that lying dork via MP Tom Watson. There is too much lack of Supervision in the Met.

Springbok223 (29/06/22 @ 14:58)

What has House been doing since he is acting Commissioner, not much by the looks of things.

Squadman (29/06/22 @ 16:22)

It is absolutely wrong, trying to blame the ‘young and inexperienced recruits’ for the dog’s breakfast, otherwise known as the Metropolitan Police, has become. Practically ALL recruits are young and inexperienced. Those to blame are the ‘young and inexperienced’ senior officers who, promoted to positions way beyond their experience or capabilities have blundered from one rank, from one department, to another, leaving a trail of cock-ups and demoralization in their wake. The young recruits need a firm hand and leadership but few get it from sergeants and inspectors who themselves have just a few years in service and have never carried out ‘proper policing’ of any consequence. Londoners want fair, impartial, visible policing – they deserve it, because let’s face it, they pay the Met’s wages. But until this ridiculous infighting between Khan & Patel stops, until there’s a strong, capable, experienced commissioner appointed, who can demonstrate leadership by sacking the university-generated tossers and promoting the best of the rest, matters are going to continue to go – at top speed - to hell in a handcart.

Anthony (29/06/22 @ 19:47)

Anonymous. That is just being churlish.

Anthony (29/06/22 @ 20:11)

What can you expect, as Lord Stevens said “ the Met has been hollowed out from the inside. The once World renowned Hendon Police College that recruits received three months of residential trading and trained officers from around the world, is now mostly a housing estate. Training is no longer what it was. A third of police properties were sold off when Boris was Mayor of London, many police station are now only open to the public 9 to 5 weekdays. Direct entry detectives and direct entry senior officers are rampant and their lack of experience and knowledge has become undeniably evident. I was speaking to a middle aged inspector, the last thing I asked was how long have you got before retirement. When she said “ I’ve only done two years, I was a nurseâ€쳌 I was flummoxed and politely left her. It appears the officers today, are trying to hold the line, whilst the ground is being eroded from under them. I hope they can keep the faith until this sorry mess is resolved.

Squadman (29/06/22 @ 21:47)

John Stevens was right, Anthony - and so are you!

Jensen2021 (30/06/22 @ 19:35)

So deep cuts, ever growing demand, but very little mention of government or media interference and demonisation that causes such large resignation rates. Yes, the Met sure have to up their game, but the lack of accountability from the aforementioned is incredible.

ASG (05/07/22 @ 11:49)

In addition to all those issues raised by Anthony, Squadman and others it has to be made very clear the police service and Met in particular has been seriously let down by the Home Office and successive senior management teams. I retired in 2013 with just short of 33 years service. I would have stayed on but colleagues made it unnecessarily difficult and I wasn’t enjoying it. The disconnect between management and uniform was tangible, management had no interest in operational policing because they didn’t know how it was done unless it was an issue that would drop the management in the cack. That disconnect was nothing compared to the disconnect between uniform and CID. We had the worst performing CID in the Met, it was squad based and they behaved like they were Yard based. The supervisors were just buddies to their particular staff, the night duty/on-call cover was very meagre but all of that aside the police have been used to firefight under resourcing in other establishment institutions. The NHS, mental health issues, the Probation Service, the Prison Service, the LAS, social services and on and on. If a link can be made to social discontent possible offending the get the police to fill the gap. Every issue I mentioned has its own organisational workforce and it’s not the police, our job was always the protection of life and property and the prevention and detection of crime. Nobody does it for us but when abstractions take us away from performing the role then we get heavily criticised for not carrying out our prescribed role effectively. All of that is on top of under resourcing, human rights legislation, daily demonstrations, second rate political appointees, quango management and a pernicious, mendacious, toxic, biased media. That’s my rant over.

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