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Police Scotland officers to withdraw ‘goodwill’ in pay row

A nonny moose (29/06/22 @ 17:48)

Let's be honest, how much of that paperwork we do after the end of duty actually needs doing that day? Should be effective at first but every police officer is (or should be) in the job because they want to do the right thing, so this will get eroded very quickly

Anon (29/06/22 @ 20:03)

It's just ashame that the Federation South of the border lacks the courage to arrange similar activity. Hartshorn made all the right noise but to date has delivered nothing!

paul webb (30/06/22 @ 10:20)

Lovely. If this works then it might be time for fed south of the border to implement the same policy. Police attending mental health cases. Scoop them up straight round to the nearest hospital and dump them on the people that should be dealing with them from the off. MFH from children's homes. Take the report over the phone. Then when the little darlins ring in at 3am for their blue light taxi. Inform the children's home where they are and let them arrange pick up. The list could go on where the police are being misused by agencies that fail to work beyond 9-5

A-non-e-mouse (30/06/22 @ 13:52)

Police Federation South of the Border please take note.

Captainover (06/07/22 @ 11:56)

@The Good Badger The simple solution is to refuse to take another job until the one you are dealing with is complete. I have always done that (with the exception of an assistance call). It makes me laugh watching people running around like fools picking up more and more work and exposing themselves to risks of complaints and performance because they take on too much. Just stay at the job and complete the paperwork etc at the time. I have always done that and usually go home on time and stress free. Meanwhile my colleagues are sat there hours after their shift. It isn't a PCs problem to resolve resourcing issues. You don't see the ambulance service running around picking up two or three jobs at a time. They complete one then move on.

Annonnymous (20/07/22 @ 17:30)

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