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Probationer jailed for misconduct in public office after pestering arrestee

Captainover (30/06/22 @ 16:15)

Jailing people for text messages but letting people who batter the police walk free. Unbelievable. Surely the sack would be enough.

paul webb (30/06/22 @ 17:24)

Stupid but really a custodial sentence!! Just sacking the lad would have been enough punishment surely.

Bob (01/07/22 @ 13:59)

'Social media' strikes again. It's hard enough to get 'real' criminals behind bars, how does this fool qualify for a jail sentence. There either has to be more to this, or it's wrong and the sack would have been enough. Anyway, it's good to see how well the modern selection process for officers is working out isn't it...

Anon (01/07/22 @ 20:42)

Meanwhile house burglars are getting suspended sentences or Community penalties. The world has gone mad!

Treated Like S**t Rat (28/07/22 @ 10:23)

It beggars belief once again from the Criminal Protection Service. Yes, he screwed up. Yes, out of the job. Repeat offenders getting "suspended" and "community" but this plonker gets 7 months. There's a couple more acronyms that def come to mind. COS are more laughable than an episode of Monty Python

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