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Hampshire welcomes “demand on forces” to tackle PPDA

retired brief (01/07/22 @ 18:49)

'Perpetrated'? Gosh, we are moving into the American lexicon and associated dogma. I remember watching Hill Street Blues years ago, a TV series about American police at the sharp end, and I thought it was very well written with obviously experienced police officers as consultants for the script. The US police officers referred to offenders as 'perps'. I sincerely hope that the current police planners and policy formers are not confined to their experiences of watching old TV police soap opera's from America, in their so called formative years!

Anonanon (01/07/22 @ 22:31)

Perpetrator or 'perp' is common in the lexicon of DV particularly amongst IDVA's. They have their jargon just like we have ours. Victims are 'survivors'. It took me a while to get used to it when I worked DV. As a complete aside, I was also a great fan of Hill St Blues. Then later NYPD Blue, both involving the great Dennis Franz.

Anonanon (02/07/22 @ 13:05)

@The Good Badger I wish we had a DA type in CPS.They always seem to sort it out in the boss's office after a 5 minute conversation.

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