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Special measures: justified or more ‘collective smearing’ of front-line?

paul webb (01/07/22 @ 16:49)

Excellent article. Sadly the MSM will completely ignore it as it does fit in with the current anti police agenda that is being pursued across the piece.

Anon (01/07/22 @ 20:29)

An excellent well thought out and thoroughly evidenced article. The constant denigration of policing and the Met in particular will lead to a cowed police service lacking in the confidence to tackle crime. The MSM and government can then have a "Field Day" bemoaning rises in crime in particular those perpetrated by and against black communities.

Jensen2021 (01/07/22 @ 21:56)

Super article, which I wish would be pushed mainstream. Unfortunately, as it’s alluded to, the narrative is pushed by media, politicians, quangos and anti police groups who are deeply ignorant, pernicious and have an agenda to push. All they do is push a divide between the community and the police who ironically are often there for the black community that these manipulators apparently care so much about. They really ought to hang their heads in shame for the damage they cause

DT (01/07/22 @ 22:41)

This is such a well researched and balanced article by someone who has ‘walked the walk’. This is the standard that media reports should achieve but never do. I suspect that the Met as an organisation is going to be forever changed as a result of a hostile media, inaccurate reporting & politicians of all political backgrounds bringing their agendas to the fore. I really do think that some sort of oversight committee is going to replace the existing Command Structure. God help those who still serve if they don’t say the right thing.

retired brief (02/07/22 @ 10:48)

Excellent article. Problem is that those with revolutionary tendencies who wish to change the way of life in the West need to destroy the establishment in order to do so. This includes the police force who must be denigrated at every available opportunity real or imagined, by the great unwashed corbynista types, at their violent riotous demonstrations. Committing criminal damage to public buildings, destroying statues and seeking to re-write or even cancel history for their own ends. So there is a whole propaganda machine out there which will take every opportunity to denigrate the police come what may.

Harry (02/07/22 @ 23:21)

A spot-on article summarising all the latest aspects in the met policing.

Anonymous (04/07/22 @ 18:51)

Excellent article. I have never thought blind support for the police was right but the current assault on our collective integrity is unacceptable. I am retired, but if I was still serving I would be scanning job adverts. I am aware that several experienced officers who worked with me have left and become train drivers on much better salaries and the support of a strong union.

Anonymous (05/07/22 @ 08:37)

Pretty much spot on. Let's hope this is read by a wider audience than just thoughs reading a direct police related column

Anonymous (05/07/22 @ 08:38)

Pretty much spot on. Let's hope this is read by a wider audience than just thoughs reading a direct police related column

Ian (05/07/22 @ 15:13)

I wonder if those in the media, Government and oversight bodies such as the HMICFS and IOPC ever stop to contemplate their contributions to the current state of Policing. At a time when fewer people want to join, very few are willing to step up to lead, and most who can afford to leave are either doing so or planning to do so at the earliest opportunity, there must surely be a recognition that the true scandals affecting policing today are not those cases listed in this article, dismal though they all are, but in the systemic lack of investment in and support for a service that was once the envy of the world, that has led to so much of it now failing.

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