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Applicants to join force drop by more than half in a year

retired brief (05/07/22 @ 09:51)

Can anyon be really be surprised at this. Who in their right mind would want to become a police officer in this day and age of poorly paid, anti police 'thuggery' by the general public, the media, various bodies such as the IOPC and PCC's, academia and both national and local governments.

Jensen2021 (05/07/22 @ 11:48)

Exactly this. Plus there will always be far left and right activists who despise police and will at any opportunity aim to undermine the police by manipulating the truth via media/social media. Plus corporate senior offices bowing down to the demands of other agencies

Ian (05/07/22 @ 13:23)

Why is this spokesperson comparing the present levels with 2007? Was that the last time levels were lower? That we would end up here are soon as the jobs market picked up was as predictable as Christmas, but HMG thought they knew better. I am sure the PM will have no problem shrugging off his failure to deliver on the promise of uplift with his usual combination of blaming others and spinning his message. Law enforcement has always been a challenging role, but in an age when event the countries most senior leadership don't have any regard for the rules, policing is at risk of being literally valueless. No-one should be surprised by these date.

paul webb (05/07/22 @ 16:40)

We are back to the mid 1970's in so many different ways. Police pay and conditions have not improved vastly in the past decade or so. The leadership has gone woke and all they are concerned with is diversity and the actual job of protecting life and property and preventing and detecting crime seems to be too hard for them to to to grips with. New recruits if you can get them are from a different planet. I have heard stories of how new officers who have been taken on with no driving licences have had their parents waiting to pick them from the station and when they have not appeared and the enquiry office did not know where they were the parent actually reported their child as a MFH!!.Even had a parent roll up at his child's 1st sudden death and was caught by the sergeant helping to search the body!! If this is the standard they are recruiting then the job is seriously in the mire.

Anon (05/07/22 @ 20:00)

So predictable. A combination of factors have conspired to make policing a very unattractive occupation. A real term pay cut of over 20% since 2010, the decimation of pensions and other conditions, changes to recruitment and degree only entry routes have all added to the current position. The disappearance of respected senior leaders in policing replaced by vanilla clones churned out by the SCC has left policing totally "Rudderless" and unable to rise to the challenges that the service faces. It will take a generation to try and turn things around and I am far from convinced that many of the huge cultural challenges around bullying, diversity and quality of officers at all ranks can be addressed.

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