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Met challenge reinstatement of senior officer in child abuse video case

Anonanon (05/07/22 @ 17:54)

The innate cynic in me whispers that if the subjects of the PAT challenge were of junior rank AND male it wouldn't have got to this stage and they would have been seeking alternative employment elsewhere some time ago.

paul webb (05/07/22 @ 17:58)

Always felt a sense of unease about this case. If she had been sent the child porn image on her WhatsApp and never viewed it then she would still be in trouble as it was on her phone. Even if she had viewed it, then her failure to report it straight away through family loyalty has resulted in a conviction for which the only outcome in this day and age is dismissal from the force. If she had managed to appeal the original conviction then she would be half way home but with the conviction still standing the Met are only doing the right thing by insisting in her dismissal.

Anthony (07/07/22 @ 15:48)

As I understand the facts, If she had reported the video of child abuse, the abuse would have been stopped.

Anonymous (07/07/22 @ 16:20)

She was found to be lying by a senior judge in open court, she is a registered sex offender, how on earth can she possibly stay in post?????!!!!!

Offtherails (07/07/22 @ 19:29)

Seems to be a common theme doesn’t there

XKnotscop (11/07/22 @ 08:21)

With what you say in your post they would not be seeking alternative employment they would still be serving a custodial !! Perhaps I am a tad more cynical than you !!

Annoymous. (11/07/22 @ 18:11)

I am a retired former BME officer. I was involved in both the BPA and the Police Federation. I do not believe that Williams can be a police officer with this conviction. Many regulators would disbar them from their profession, there is also the matter of confidence in the police service. If her conviction was overturned it would be a different matter. Please stop damaging policing’s reputation for your own ego. You were convicted by a jury of your peers, you lost your appeal. I would rather lose a senior BME officer than have one who damages the standing of this noble profession.

Springbok223 (18/07/22 @ 13:46)

I still find it incredibly difficult to believe that she did not view the attachment.

Springbok223 (26/07/22 @ 16:27)

I think most of us can work out the reasoning behind this case. One law for those high up and another for the lower ranks.

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