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'Cumulative' problems at the Met go back six years, GLA told

Anonymous (06/07/22 @ 15:19)

In 2010 I went to Hendon and received a talk from some GMP officers about how great they were doing and how poor the met was doing with regards to crime figures The met has always been failing the met is always in the wrong the met is always being criticised. Still the met is the greatest police service in the world so heaven knows what everyone else is doing. Cuts have consequences mind and perhaps the politicians who brought about change need to be hauled over the coals.

Bob French (06/07/22 @ 17:27)

I think the GMP reps we’re having a laugh, must have been as the crime figures at that time were, and probably still are, woeful.

Anon (06/07/22 @ 17:48)

No mention of 10+ years of savage government cuts to police budgets, officers and staff. This alone would have been enough to destroy performance and delivery let alone the huge damage caused by PCC's, direct entry, degree only recruitment, the academic take over of policing led by the CoP.... Need I go on? It really isn't complicated!

ASG (07/07/22 @ 04:17)

This is classic modern day politics, undermine, under resource, divert an organisation away from its own defined role then totally rip it apart for not performing its own role… The police in general need to stop being the politicians and establishments go-to, stop-gap organisation, filling in for every other failing institution.

The sympathetic Retiree. (07/07/22 @ 13:45)

I sometimes wonder if any of the people critizing the police ever go down to the operator level and ask Constables and Sergeants what is happening and what’s taking up their time and keeping them away from giving a good service. Do they know about the endless paper work and form filling or the fact that the majority of calls relate to mental health where police spend hours either in hospital overseeing potentially violent patients or answering calls every day from individuals threatening suicide. Or going to ambulance calls when no ambulance is available. Or officers standing for hours securing a scene of a fire after the fire brigade leave the scene. Do they realise that often police sections are operating with less than 50% of their personnel and don’t have the people to send to calls or sometimes the vehicles in working order. Senior Officers need to tell the truth to the public and the politicians and stop worrying about being seen as bad managers in case it hurts their career. No one can do the impossible. Police are not a sub branch of the welfare services although they help when they can. Let’s get the real facts on the table before we start finding solutions which don’t address the problems.

The sympathetic Retiree. (07/07/22 @ 13:49)

You are 100% right. Sad but true.

Jensen2021 (07/07/22 @ 18:50)

Hit the nail on the head there. People tend to forget how broad the police’s remit is, and that’s before you take into account that nearly every other public sector leans on them massively, and then that they are the service who cannot say ‘no’ and are the go to agency if you aren’t sure. Add in that they are 24/7 unlike many other public sector workers, and face an increasingly complex investigations, incidents and safeguarding, bureaucracy and scrutiny, they are stretched pretty thin

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