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Changes to top tier training must end 'echo chamber' selection, says NBPA

Annoymous. (09/07/22 @ 14:07)

I know of an ethnic minority cop who could have gone to the top. He was subject to horrendous treatment and took his force to an Employment Tribunal 3 x. The force could not defend any of the claims. The Service regularly lose talent, as a tax payer I would want him as senior office not the clique of poor performers who get promoted. Maybe officers like this should be invited to return.

Softly Softly (09/07/22 @ 16:37)

Sorry but in my view there should only be one body that represents police officers (PC to C/I) and that's the Federation, why the need for all of the other so-called representative bodies, each having their own limited and vested agenda.

Annoymous. (09/07/22 @ 22:33)

Racism is a reality, as is racial vis in systems and processes. Blocking and forcing good BME cops out the service is a reality we all saw it in glorious technicolour.

Annoymous. (09/07/22 @ 22:37)

Promotion exams are fair and colour blind, favouritism like allowing mates and those who are unqualified, temping opportunities, help with applications, coaching etc is subject to bias.

paul webb (11/07/22 @ 11:10)

Strange but the more they bang on about the lack of diversity at the top then the number of BAME seems to dwindle. We have had one Mike Fuller in 2004 and then no one since unless I have missed someone

Annoymous. (11/07/22 @ 21:54)

Please increase the pass mark it was disgraceful that it was dropped for both the Sgt and Insp to 55 and 65, should be at least 65 and 75% with a cap of 3 attempts.

Annoymous. (11/07/22 @ 21:55)

Yes and the force boasted of its diversity credentials I bet and how the Chief and his team were pro-diversity. Please name and shame.

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