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Federation makes last ditch pay appeal to Home Office

A Nony Mouse (12/07/22 @ 16:59)

So the Fed's public position is that as we don't have the right to strike we won't ballot our members about asking for that right even though we know that many want that right! Well that's going to make Ms Patel and the treasury quake in their boots. Even the angry letter and the March held in 2012 sounds more forceful than the current approach from the Fed. You could sum up the Fed's approach as clasping their hands in front of them whilst falling to their knees and asking for a few crumbs from the table.

Drewpycock1972 (12/07/22 @ 17:19)

They truly are weak and pathetic! Judicial review into the PRRB with the aim to ensure it’s tru independence and the decision is legally binding.

Anonanon (12/07/22 @ 18:23)

Are PFEW just fence sitting again waiting to see how Scots FED get on with the withdrawal of 'goodwill'? If Scots FED get some leverage with the action then they might join in....bit like when the Fire Brigade and judges opened up the doors to challenge pension reforms.

Anon (12/07/22 @ 18:48)

The incremental approach adopted by Barristers appears to be measured and proportionate. There is plenty that policing can do short of industrial action. What is needed is central leadership and coordination. I don't think the national Federation have the courage to obtain the best legal advice to protect against allegations of encouraging dissatisfaction and taking part in industrial action, both of which are currently prohibited. This is Hartshorn's "Moment of Truth" that is for sure!

retired brief (12/07/22 @ 21:22)

Talking about police officers having the right to strike is a non starter. The ramifications of a police strike would lose any support the public may have for the police. The rioting and ,looting would be horrendous and the military would have to step in with the resultant deaths to quell the situation. So public support must be obtained in other ways. I remember pre Edmund Davies in the 1970's the Federation ran a very effective campaign taking full page advertisements in the press shwing the severely battered faces of police officers injured on duty and the faces of officer killed on duty in the preceding years. This was with accounts from the loved ones of the dead officers and further accounts from the injured officers and their families. It was heart breaking stuff and very effective in gathering public opinion in favour of the police officers of the day and I would suggest be worth repeating The general public are (mostly) not stupid and can see past the anti police spin of MSN and such a campaign would serve the police much better than strikes would ever.

Annoymous. (13/07/22 @ 07:44)

Certain Polfed retained Lawyers are excellent. Some are very poor.

paul webb (13/07/22 @ 09:40)

The Scots have shown the way with the withdrawal of goodwill and working to rule. Not sure how effective it is as I have not seen any reports on how it is effecting policing north of the border. However if it is having an effect and it brings the Scots a decent pay rise then it may be time to do the same here. Ultimately the police could refuse to do non police duties eg looking after mental health cases instead dump them onto the nearest NHS mental health unit and walk away. Refuse to provide policing for football matches, now that would be a laugh watching Gary Lineker have no work on a Saturday evening

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (13/07/22 @ 13:09)

What a brilliant idea. It is about time the federation pulled their collective finger out. Enough is enough, perhaps the armed protection squads should withdraw their cover of MP's and diplomatic premises.

Anon (13/07/22 @ 17:22)

What about an up to date and very detailed audit of the Federation accounts both nationwide and locally. How many millions are sitting in the Fed Coffers? Don't forget this is yours / our money paid from subscriptions. This money should be put to work in the furtherance of mmatters of critical importance to the membership not sitting in bank accounts earning income from interest for LBB's and the National Executive.

Frankie (14/07/22 @ 13:53)

Does anything think train drivers would have such good working conditions without right to strike ?. Does public opinion impact on obtaining better working conditions?. Police in other countries have the right to strike, so why can't we ?. Well done and carry on - no longer pay the bills. Never had blue flu in the UK.

Anonymous (14/07/22 @ 14:41)

Springbok223 (18/07/22 @ 15:00)

I wonder what the Paper Tiger Brigade will do, nothing that will work, same as the last 5/8 years, they are a waste of space.

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