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Firearms officer dismissed for punching 15 year old boy

retired brief (15/07/22 @ 16:47)

Wonder what the officers mental health situation was at the time, dealing with yet another 15 year old going on 25 year old strapping thug of a criminal. I further wonder if this question was addressed by those hunting the officers scalp. My thoughts are with the officer and I sincerely hope we are not to be reading, yet again, of suicidal matters in the near future.

Treated Like S**t Rat (18/07/22 @ 10:27)

Don't really want to comment without seeing the BWV, or knowing what level of violence the turd was producing during his arrest, however, it doesn't change the fact that the IOPC are all scumbags, and will do anything to get a result on their tick list, including delaying cases and the like.

Springbok223 (18/07/22 @ 13:36)

Perhaps the 15 year old thug deserved the punch. His mother obviously thinks he is a 'perfect little boy' who would do no wrong. Pity she didn't bring him up and taught him not to behave badly so that he gets arrested. Sal at his best 'holier than thou'.

Anonymous (28/07/22 @ 14:36)

Maybe if it can be explained how two male officers are dismissed in the same week for using undue force in the line of duty effecting arrests yet two female officers are reinstated one guilty of child pornography and perjury and the other of a very serious DV assault on another woman. Explain it.

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