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Pay rise set at 5% but Fed warns established officers will lose out

A Nony Mouse (19/07/22 @ 21:45)

I'm not sure how Martin Hewitt equates a 5% pay cut on average as 'keeping pace with cost of living increases.' The last time I checked his tweet had received over 200 replies all of which were negative with many questioning his grasp of the the gravity of the situation. Patel's response to the pay deal was the usual blah blah blah respect your work blah blah blah. Billingham seems to have missed the point that its not only the lowest paid constables which are struggling so a 5% pay cut on top of the 20% cut starting in 2010 won't help retention of experienced staff.

Anon (20/07/22 @ 07:26)

Martin Hewitt not wanting to jeopardise any Knighthood tows the government line to perfection. He is retiring soon and good riddance to such a weak and politically manipulated individual.

Old Skool Kind of Guy (20/07/22 @ 08:09)

Martin look in the mirror - are your comments from your heart?

Old Skool Kind of Guy (20/07/22 @ 08:09)

Martin look in the mirror - are your comments from your heart?

Anon (20/07/22 @ 08:29)

Martin you obviously live a privileged sheltered life, so an apprentice officer will be on 23000, equates to approx 1400 a month take home, so an officer living in Surrey, Thames Valley area renting one bedroom flat at an average 900 to 1000 pounds then bills 300, addition costs would give an average of 100 a month to live on. So the only apprentices or new entry officers will be those still living with their parents. So much for recruiting a more diverse pool.

Springbok223 (20/07/22 @ 11:00)

I never thought Hewitt was the brightest of the top brass, his comments prove that. Inflation 9%, pay rise 5%, even the village idiot could work out that it isn't a rise in any shape or form.

Notsoyoung111111 (20/07/22 @ 15:53)

once again an example of the disconnect from above. Sadly, I do think tha oneday, the tide will chamge

Life on Mars (20/07/22 @ 16:59)

Martin Hewitt should have come out with some very strong statements criticising the deal - sadly it reads like an endorsement if the deal that is derisory. I like Martin and think he has been a good leader for the service but these comments let him down - perhaps it is easier to accept the limitations of the deal when you are on £220k as a MPS AC?

Guest (22/07/22 @ 08:44)

I did my 30 yr service and retired in 2017 to become a self employed gardener. I earn more money mowing lawns and general garden maintenance than I did as a PC on top rate incremental pay “withâ€쳌 housing allowance! No stress and unskilled work with no oversight or scrutiny other than self pride doing a good job. How an earth are the police going to attract anyone let alone people having to study a degree. Pay and working conditions are so poor I’m surprised more cops don’t just walk. There’s loads of other better paid less stressful jobs that pay more and are much better suited to family life. The Gvmt need to see this happen otherwise with a lack of being able to take industrial action nothing will change.

real (11/11/22 @ 10:38)

As a retired officer and then having worked in project management I quickly realised that as cop I was paid very very well. I joined when it took 14 years to get to the top of the PC scale not like the 7 years it now takes. The fact is that a PC is on over £43k pa now after just seven years. The majority of these officers aren't worth anything like that. The job they do is poor and the results speak for themselves. The reality is that I realised being in the police made me self entitled without even realising it. Top PC should be on £30k pa max , Sgt £35k, Inspector £40k. Direct entry should be axed at all ranks. It's time to back old school.

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