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Force’s child-centred policing team roll out sport initiative

Anonanon (04/08/22 @ 16:13)

Having read through that article I can reasonably expect that Acting Sergeants Scoffham and Smyth will flourish in the brave new world of policing that we are in. However I would have liked a bit more substance on the success rate. We have 3 who have appeared to have moved on from previous behaviour.This is great,3 less juveniles pitching up in Custody and giving the sergeant head aches. But how many took part,how many lasted the 12 weeks and how many after the pilot just went back to their old ways? I am sure the concept and name of a Child Centered Policing Team appealed to SMT (YOTS is so late 90's and includes the word offending and that could cause unnecessary stigma) but they surely have to justify resources by overall results.

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