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New draft code of practice for terrorism-related stop and search

retired brief (20/07/22 @ 17:52)

This appears to be a complete minefield for the Phil Shysters of the legal world to make a lot of money out of. So many preconditions to be examined in depth and argued over for days in court. E.G., the licence must include a search condition....the officer needs to be satisfied that it is necessary to do so to protect the public from risk of terrorism. How will the officers 'satisfaction' be judged - objective reasonable person test or subjective aggressive cross examination of the officer.....the search can be in any place the officer lawfully has access to even if the general public do not. Another three days of legal argument. And, the officers concerned, after all this legal argument, ending up on gross misconduct charges in front of the we will not tolerate brigade, who will then sack the officer and throw his/her family on the scrap heap. Meanwhile said terrorist will be appearing in court playing the mental issues card.

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