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Finding savings to tackle inflation is becoming harder for police forces

Ian (15/08/22 @ 15:42)

We have all see what happens when attempts are made to cut costs in policing - society pays a heavy price. There is no mention in the article, or in public debate generally of the fact that the inflationary rises mean that the Exchequer is receiving significantly higher tax receipts than were anticipated. Perhaps they could pass this unplanned income on to assist with these spiralling costs?

Captainover (15/08/22 @ 15:54)

Here's one to help for a start... how's about getting some of the cops out of cars and onto foot beat. No fuel needed. In the city centre where I work officers drive from the station to jobs that are literally 5 mins walk away, sitting in traffic and actually taking longer to get there!

Anon (15/08/22 @ 21:30)

The acknowledgement of the huge cuts to policing over the last decade is absolutely key here. I'm afraid the cupboard is now bare and there is little or nothing left to save what little money is left. The ruling party created this situation with no slack left for when things go wrong.

paul webb (16/08/22 @ 12:03)

The job has already flogged off everything that was not nailed down. Then they flogged off the stuff that was nailed down. How many police stations across the country have been sold off in the past 10-12 years. Hundreds I would dare say. There is no fat left on the operational side to cut. However if they turned their gaze into the HQ buildings You will find shed load of departments that exist to shuffle paper from desk to another. Employ superintendents etc and have a huge back office staff whose actually benefit to the operational is minimal at best. So all those diversity, corporate planning etc. wallahs could be removed with no effect on operational policing. Whilst we are at it lets cull the PCC's return to the old police authorities and again save millions in not employing their mates to be the manager in charge of the tea and biscuits

Jensen2021 (27/08/22 @ 19:48)

Hit the nail on the head Paul. There is so much corporate spending at HQ it seems, vanity projects etc, senior offices who if anything hinder the force and embarrass them with daft attention seeking nonsense in order to appear virtuous.

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