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What can law enforcement do in the face of Child to Parent Abuse?

Captainover (09/08/22 @ 14:37)

A parent has to be pretty weak willed to allow a child to abuse them. A good smack from a young age is what is needed. No child of mine would dare try any of that with me or my partner. As my granny used to say… spare the rod spoil the child. Problem is too many parents don’t discipline kids from A young age and then they turn into monsters. Kids needs to be disciplined. They don’t understand being told not to do something. There should always be a consequence for misbehaving even low level.

Captainover (09/08/22 @ 14:46)

Further to the above any child of mine that behaved in that way towards me or my other half would be handed over to the police immediately. I cannot understand what has happened to children. It is the lack of discipline that is making them into monsters. But that starts at the door of the parent on day 1.

paul webb (09/08/22 @ 18:01)

You have a generation of snowflake parents who will not lay a hand on their child at any price. Fine if the child is taught right from wrong etc and punished in other ways if they go over the line. However there are always going to be children who see this attitude as weakness and will exploit it ruthlessly. My dad laid hands on me twice and both times I deserved it. Mum never held back when a slap was called for. Now a whole generation is beyond control and the pink and fluffies will wail and nash their teeth at what they have created but they will still demand the end of corporal punishment to an errant child

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