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PCC lead to meet PM candidates to discuss police priorities

retired brief (26/07/22 @ 15:31)

Is this not the job of HMIC and chief constables? PCC's are there to dream up new initiatives that the police had carried out years ago, to build empires and obtain as many photo opportunities as possible (with 'their' chief constable in the background) so that the minute part of the electorate who actually bother to vote for such people, will keep them on the gravy train.

Anon (26/07/22 @ 20:00)

If PCC's are supposed be political with a small P, then why are only Conservative PCC's being given an audience with Sunak and Truss? Don't Labour and independent's count? I guess not if you're a Tory PM in waiting!

Anon (26/07/22 @ 20:03)

Get rid of the utterly useless and totally ineffectual Priti Patel who has failed policing the broader criminal justice system and the country at every hurdle.

Ian (02/08/22 @ 13:22)

How lovely that despite all the evidence to the contrary, these folk still cling to their inexhaustible sense of being influential. Got to love an optimist!

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