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Pace of Uplift 'appears to be slowing' say researchers

Old Skool Kind of Guy (28/07/22 @ 14:43)

whether or not the government uplift is delivered is one thing - the equally if not more important point; who will targeted strength be maintained? answers on a postcard please.

PC McGarry #452 (28/07/22 @ 15:22)

The government are getting exactly what they've wanted for a long time. A fluid workforce in the police with people chucking it after a short period of time and long termers chucking it due to their pension being kicked around every few years. Unless there is a fundamental review of pay, pension and conditions then the demise of the police as we know (knew) it will be guaranteed.

Captainover (28/07/22 @ 16:21)

Some forces still have 60% of the uplift to recruit! That is just to stand still without anyone leaving.

Anonanon (29/07/22 @ 00:48)

DCC Mcormick's spin on the figures is probably understandable bearing in mind she has the grand title 'Program Director of the Uplift Program' However its credibility is tested by assuming it can go from its current uplift figure of 78 per month to 690 per month if it's to reach its 20000 target before the financial year is out. That's one hell of a 'recruitment and planned attraction activity' someones got to organise on the hurry up.

Anonymous (29/07/22 @ 12:15)

With 20 years service if they offered redundancy id take it tomorrow. Give the next 10 years of my wages to the new headless chickens to do a job that noone wants to do anymore.

Softly Softly (29/07/22 @ 13:46)

Not in the least bit surprised given that being a police officer circa 2022 means getting shafted by everyone, poor pay, constant criticism, unsupported by your own senior officers, the courts, media, hounded by the IOPC. However good old NPCC ranks busy writing up projects to do with anything but policing - what a woeful bunch - with only a few exceptions, and I mean very few!

Anon (29/07/22 @ 17:35)

No surprise. The first tranche of degree recruits have a free degree in their back pocket and three years of policing on their CV. Now they have seen the utter shambles that is the reality of modern policing, they're off to a much better career and who can blame them.

Ian (01/08/22 @ 19:22)

Relax! There is absolutely no danger of this regime (regardless of who is "leading" it) ever admitting to failure; we should have no fear that the addition of all those tens of thousands of "extra" officers will not be achieved! Just as we should not be concerned about a lack of detectives, the dearth of experience in the service, the fact that 22000 Police Staff lost to Austerity are not being replaced and our training offer practically non-existent or that the wider CJS is in meltdown. Whatever happens, this Government are doing a brilliant job and making a success of everything they touch; all their reforms of policing are working - nothing they set their minds to is beyond their reach. Anyone leaving the Police to pursue other work must be very misguided to sacrifice worthy ideals in pursuit of mere cash! All you have to do is believe..... Did anyone else see that Unicorn that just ran by?!

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