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First women’s community custody unit set to open

retired brief (28/07/22 @ 16:20)

I bet there will be a load of lags in Scottish prisons suddenly deciding that he now identifies as a woman and applying for a 'room' here.

ASG (29/07/22 @ 06:49)

Is this something else receiving funding from the Police budget.

Anonanon (30/07/22 @ 01:06)

I read 'Community Custody unit' and thought is the word jail/prison not seen as 'on message' these days? They are in the custody of the Scottish Prison Service.They are in their 'care' for committing criminal offences with a seriousness or a history of offending,sufficient to serve time. And then I read that the community and safety minister is talking about a gender specific and trauma informed approach to reintegration into their communities and it all made more sense!

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