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Staffordshire signs Armed Forces covenant

Softly Softly (03/08/22 @ 14:42)

Exactly what difference will it make at grass roots level - in one word - NONE.

Anonymous (04/08/22 @ 12:06)

How about making it a policy to only recruit from the armed forces and that any service personnel getting an honourable discharge after at least 5 years in automatically gets a position in the police. The current lot we've got like wayne couzens Deniz jaffer Jamie Lewis novlett Williams etc are a right bloody shower. It's no point recruiting civilians to become police they have no resilience can't cope with scenes of trauma and are mostly lacking in basic intelligence and common sense!

Anthony (04/08/22 @ 14:42)

This is a nice gesture and will pay dividends. It is shameful that the men and women who have served their country courageously are abandoned after they leave the armed services. I hope more police services and industry take up this idea of helping those who have served in the Armed Services.

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