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'Action will be taken' on ASB, Merseyside tells homeowners

Patrick (04/08/22 @ 13:36)

Well done Chief Inspector. Have you thought that maybe the residents cannot be bothered wasting their time phoning you?

retired brief (04/08/22 @ 16:42)

This is the Merseyside Police area that covered itself in embarrassment when a dopey inspector set up a flat back lorry with a hoarding on it stating that causing offence was an offence. Photographs were distributed in the media showing this with him and a rather scruffy looking policewoman standing there with her hands in her pockets. The Area Commander was forced to apologise for this mistake. The Mersesyde Police HQ was lit up in blue light about this time to commemorate the death a career criminal thousands of miles away in the USA while resisting arrest after sticking a gun into to stomach of a pregnant woman whilst trying to burgle her house and rob her! Is anyone surprised at the actions of the locals here in turning to private security, in desperation, for some quality of life?

Jensen2021 (04/08/22 @ 17:44)

Absolutely right. It really does my head in that lackey senior officers are more interested in pandering to a tiny fringe of activist groups (who will never like the police) rather than the majority of the public, who normally support us but are getting tired of this top down nonsense

Greenbanker (05/08/22 @ 15:09)

Time the Police concentrated on being Police again Nothing more nothing less Every "Woke" organisation is despised by a great majority of the public

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