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GMP on road to recovery says CC Watson

retired brief (13/08/22 @ 09:45)

Breath of fresh air, deserves all the support he can get, without interference from local politicians with their own 'diverse' agenda's..

Anon (13/08/22 @ 12:00)

Stephen Watson and Nick Adderley are two "Stand Outs" in an otherwise vanilla field of Chief Constables churned out by the SSC. True leadership relies on personality and credentials developed over many years, you cannot learn it on a course.

Springbok223 (14/08/22 @ 08:57)

i.e Bodybags Burnham, the man in charge of Helath when Staffordshire Hospital debacle took place, hundreds of deaths. Burnham, typical Labour diatribe. Well done CC Watso who has done well considering the rubbish CC he took over from.

Springbok223 (14/08/22 @ 08:58)

@Springbok223 - even HEALTH.

Justonevoice (15/08/22 @ 09:45)

I have every confidence in CC Watson and his ability to continue improvements for GMP. However, his comments about people joining for 30 years are not in keeping with a) the pension situation, and b) the growing retention crisis. New pathways for entry were a good start. But there has to be a complete culture overhaul across policing to ensure that good people want to stay. The current culture relies on a pension that no longer exists and / or feelings that the skills are not transferable, which they absolutely are. Promotion processes are outdated, senior officers have no control over their careers, and mental health / wellbeing has to be better managed. Policing is a very tough career and the future leadership is critical to sustaining a workforce that can best serve the public. You only need to go on social media to read some awful comments that officers make on publicly visible sites to see why confidence is low. The "us and them" mentality has become toxic and is driving a greater divide between the police and the public. This is not officers' fault. We are all guilty of being drawn into cynicism in the police. Lack of funding, political rhetoric and people absent of leading from the heart are to blame. Will the police leaders of today do something now to identify the leaders of tomorrow, or will policing continue year on year to try play catch-up? And don't get me started on the figurative gagging when it comes to speaking honestly in the press.

paul webb (15/08/22 @ 13:01)

So far so good. I like his attitude to standards. So many officers wearing the current mother care security guard outfit just look scruffy and so unprofessional. I know the young ones would have a dicky fit if they reverted back to wearing a tunic and a proper helmet. But at least we looked like police officers.

David Jones (18/08/22 @ 15:30)

All credit to this CC. He came into the post with eyes wide open and has done exactly as he said he would do. Also think his Deputy is out of the same mould.

Clankle (18/08/22 @ 16:09)

I'm a bit uneasy that there's an overly simplistic narrative that a new tin of Kiwi Parade Gloss is all that is needed. Smartness isn't helped by the new kit. Dame Lynne has put up a twitter to the same effect; training and the selection of all levels of leadership are a better aim. Plus reaching out to minorities isn't virtue signaling, it's enagaging ans seeking to police by consent.

Clankle (18/08/22 @ 16:10)

There was me thinking they wear the uniform they are issued with? Or did you go and buy your own clothes to wear?

paul webb (19/08/22 @ 10:09)

@Clankle My point is that the current uniform is scruffy and makes officers look like security guards. The wearing of proper helmets etc make the police stand out and look like police officers. If I had my way the officers would revert to helmets tunics and capes!! Now that would shock the the current generation. I know that is not going to happen the modern officer is festooned with enough kit to break your back and the old uniform would not be able to accommodate it.

paul webb (19/08/22 @ 10:12)

The police have been reaching out to minorities for the past 40 plus years. It would be nice if they would stop killing each other and then blaming it on the police.

Clankle (19/08/22 @ 12:29)

@paul webb I agree that practical kit isn’t as smart as standing around encased in thick wool but why accuse the current cops that they’d have a “dicky fitâ€쳌 then double down on the current workforce?

paul webb (19/08/22 @ 13:49)

@Clankle Last word from me on this topic. I know that the current uniform is practical. But whoever designed it only had slim tall people in mind. On anyone with a bit of a paunch or virtually challenged it does not look good. The silly looking baseball caps, oh really! Members of the public really do not respect the uniform today as they did in my day and yes the appearance is important. It shows that the person wearing the uniform is a figure of authority and deserving respect. Looking like a bag of spuds tied up with string is not a good look. I know that it is now mandatory to walk around with the stab vest and all the other bits festooned around it. Bad backs will be in your future health care plans. Sadly the uniform as with most things about the current police have been going down hill for some time. Yes I am now officially a grumpy old git and have become like the old bobby in the canteen when I joined in the 70's bemoaning the state of the job and it has gone to the dogs etc. Enjoy working your 35 years to get your reduced pension

Springbok223 (21/08/22 @ 17:10)

@Springbok223 - well Hopkinshis Dep, and Boobs Sutcliffe obviously were not up to the job, to interested looking for Knighthoods etc etc. 80,000 crimes not recorded, plus other matters.

A-non-e-mouse (25/08/22 @ 07:48)

@Clankie, sorry but I disagree. A smart uniform, clear standards and strong leadership at all levels is the pathway to success out of the current mess policing face. That includes robust leadership with politicians and the main stream media, supporting your officers not giving in to every whim to appease everyone. Back to basics and remove any political influence / interference as per the peel principles. policing really is that simple, once these measures are put in place the rest will fall in to place.

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