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Shortage of child protection officers is impacting, HMI warns

Jensen2021 (05/08/22 @ 20:01)

Can’t help but notice that when the police lack resources in certain areas and aren’t performing in certain areas, they’re just told to get on with it. (Whilst simultaneously being relied upon by NHS/social services) When the NHS are told to up their game, there’s all this promise of extra funding and sympathy for their plight.

Anon (06/08/22 @ 19:28)

Surely the so called Uplift Programme will solve all of these problems, that's certainly what's been promised by government. We all know that recruitment of 20k officers will not even replace the numbers of officers lost since 2011. The huge lack of trained Detectives, circa 7k is a continuous scandal, however unsurprising considering how crime investigation has been derided and dumbed down by Chief Officers up and down the country. CID is no longer seen as a career move when once it was a role to aspire to. It's only too easy to see why.

M10 (07/08/22 @ 11:22)

Unfortunately the police won’t compete with the NHS. The government are flinging money at it in a pointless fashion as there simply are not the nurses etc to do the work. As a result they pay massive enhancements/incentives to get them to work additional shifts. An example is an experienced nurse will be paid in my local trust for a 12 hour additional shift £486 plus holiday accrual if done through the NHS agency.

M10 (07/08/22 @ 11:26)

Continuing in….if the nurse if booked through an private agency, the rate paid to the agency can be £1200 per shift . This is against officers being told they will not be paid overtime against an unsaid expectation they continue to do the work rather than let the victim down and hand it over of bail/RUI the suspect

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