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IOPC investigation into OP Augusta officers discontinued

Anon (08/08/22 @ 17:37)

Unacceptable! It would have been the appropriate Superintendent, Chief Superintendent or the ACC with responsibility for that area of the force. Even a 1 year probationary Constable could have pointed the IOPC as to who they needed to look at. A lack of cooperation and a wall of silence should not have been a barrier to following an established chain of command to those responsible.

Anonanon (09/08/22 @ 23:18)

I sometimes wonder when IOPC run reviews on senior rank that there is some strange reverse switching of time and effort they are willing to put in. The higher the rank the less time and effort they assign to it. On the results tree is it easier to pick from the lower branches?

Springbok223 (21/08/22 @ 08:50)

Just another very poor investigation by the IOPC,(The Idependent Office of Pure Crap) but then we have come to expect that most of the time.

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