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NPCC to review productivity in policing

Life on Mars (09/08/22 @ 13:53)

Staggering He effectively failed as the CC in the single Scottish force and was required to leave. He failed to get a job with the NCA and then Ms Dick took him as her deputy. As the deputy he was running the force on a day to day basis and yet seems to be immune from the failings and criticism she had to bear. I've not seen this post advertised and it really looks like the NPCC are simply employing their old mates as the previous ACPO used to do. I wonder what the salary is and whether he is a consultant as the NPCC cannot take him as an employee?

Bertie Jerome (09/08/22 @ 14:14)

So.... what have you done @Life on mars?

Ian (09/08/22 @ 16:54)

Given the state of policing at present, the Freudian slip in the sub-heading of this article may well transpire to be prophetic.

A nonny moose (09/08/22 @ 18:04)

Paperwork. The detrimental effect on productivity is the reams and reams of paperwork. Write up what happened, complete between 3 and 5 different risk assessments (despite already knowing it will come out low risk), wrote disclosure statement, create an arrest request, suspect gets arrested, arrest statements, interview plan, interview noted, interview write up, chase and scan pocket notebooks, complete at minimum at least 4 MG forms, send over to CPS, spend an hour trying to figure out why one stubborn document won't go, bail suspect, review CPS action plan, tell CPS that you can't get a statement from the pedestrian that was 300 meters away walking nowhere near the incident captured on Body Worn because you have no idea who they are, 5 email argument, case gets thrown out by CPS because you can't idea random person in distance. Also, MH calls, unruly children/child services work, mispers, concern for welfare, anything that isn't a crime or possible crime

Annoymous. (09/08/22 @ 18:18)

There is such a huge difference in individual Officer performance . When I was in the job there was Asian officer who took the force to an Employment Tribunal several times. The force were unable to defend his claims as his performance was head and shoulders above his comparators at both PC, Sgt and Inspector rank. He could show as a PC he had a high artsy and detection rate. As a Sgt his teams excelled yet he was being overlooked whilst failing officers were promoted. Lost of senior officers Insp above are atrocious cops.

Anon (09/08/22 @ 19:45)

Whilst considering productivity Housecould start by looking at the NPCC ranks and some of the bloated Chief Officer teams across the country. Despite brutal cuts at every level most forces still retain a Chief Constable a deputy two ACC's and in some cases as an ACO managing support services. Once strategic direction is set there is no justification for such top heavy strategic governance. There should be an increase in sharing senior positions and increased investment in the ranks that do the delivery. I dont see the "Turkeys voting for Christmas" any time soon!

Annoymous. (10/08/22 @ 03:54)

Look at forces that have really poor moral surveys, high staff turnover. Run by narcissists who have left a trail of destruction on their way up. Poor leadership and worse policing resulting in a poor police service.

XKnotscop (10/08/22 @ 09:31)

You would think they would invite Representation from Federation, Supts Assoc and the respective Unions on to the panel to get a better understanding of all issue......... mind you they will not want to hear the truth hence top loaded with oicks without a clue.

Annoymous. (10/08/22 @ 12:32)

Lots of cops can’t be arsed, lack people skills, investigative skills or thief taking skills.

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