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PC's podcast reveals impact of assaults on officers

Anonanon (09/08/22 @ 14:14)

20 months for an assault on a police officer causing him to have emergency brain surgery. He'd have been released way before that officer was able to return to full duties. Shocking.

fbs4800 (09/08/22 @ 18:49)

A link to the podcast might've been a worthwhile addition?

KenEvil (11/08/22 @ 20:16)

Did a Google search and this is in loads of local and some national press. Thus however appears to be the original news and podcast bit from cambs https://www.cambs.police.uk/news/cambridgeshire/news/2022/august/officer-left-with-bleed-on-brain-speaks-out-in-new-podcast/

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