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Hampshire PCC calls for further clarification on non-crime hate incidents

Springbok223 (10/08/22 @ 11:56)

Hampshire cannot have much going on if they can send five officers to something that was NFA'd. There doesn't appear to have much in the way of serious crime going on with five officers at a non serious crime, if it was a crime in the first place. Something needs sorting in |Hampshire.

retired brief (10/08/22 @ 14:52)

The answer is simple, if an activity is not a crime the police do not investigate it! How thick do you have to be to need 'clarification' on this?

Peter (10/08/22 @ 17:16)

I thought the answer was if it is a crime resolve it by telephone and if it isn't task out someone to investigate it. Unfortunately the 90%+ of us who would want this policy reversed are too busy getting on with our lives whereas the woak activists who dominate political thinking and dictate policy say otherwise

Mushlarky (10/08/22 @ 17:32)

Utter nonsense, police responding to a repost of something which in no way is offensive to anyone but a rabid activist. Police properly and stop this ridiculous pandering.

A nonny moose (10/08/22 @ 18:30)

He is probably a spitter or has history of being a......handful. If I recall the articles correctly, the suspect was rather well known which in my experience, usually means they will put up a fight.

A nonny moose (10/08/22 @ 18:35)

The issue here is around perception. I may be wrong, but as I recall, it is a hate crime/incident if it is perceived by the victim to be motivated by some kind of bias against a protected characteristic. To discover if they are motivated by hate, I would have to ask the suspect who posted it, or investigate the context. This would all add up to, record a hate crime, arrest/voluntary interview the suspect, then update the crime if required and seek a charge if appropriate. If they want to cut down on the recording, they need to be less wishy-washy about what's in and what's out. Cut out some of the ambiguity!

Tangi (10/08/22 @ 19:16)

So has refusing to allow police to enter your home to discuss minor matters is now an offence. Wounderful how powers of arrest are increasing. They got it completely wrong and did not expect csmeras to be there. Big claim incoming.

The sympathetic Retiree. (10/08/22 @ 19:49)

Jensen2021 (10/08/22 @ 19:50)

On a rare occasion, I’m in complete agreement with the PCC. This sort of nonsense is being driven by the College of Policing and lackey senior officers. Whoever Darren Brady is, why are police getting involved in something because someone somewhere found it offensive? This sort of thing is just embarrassing the police and causing police to lose respect from perfectly reasonable people. As usual, it’s not been driven by PC’s. Someone high up, no doubt looking for promotion probably directed this

The sympathetic Retiree. (10/08/22 @ 19:59)

Thank goodness someone in a position of authority is talking sense. Are the police to become a thought police where individuals cannot express an opinion or disagree with these woak individuals without being arrested. In my experience the vast majority of ordinary people dont share the views of the woak activists. Give police time and confidence to act sensibly and turn up at the scene of real crimes.

Thewayitwas (11/08/22 @ 13:03)

Totally agree my hate is off to the Commissioner’, it’s about time nonsense was ignored or at least dealt with over the phone. A reset of priorities is required like rolling back the clock 10-20 years when common sense existed.

Thewayitwas (11/08/22 @ 13:04)

Opps that should read my hat is off , sorry.

Springbok223 (28/09/22 @ 12:03)

Time the CC got her priorities in the right order, she is another Diversity Dame.

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