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Hertfordshire to launch race and inclusion board

Mike Hunt (10/08/22 @ 14:27)

Might it not be quicker and easier for the police just to promise not to arrest or investigate offences involving BAME offenders, and hope that this is sufficient for them not to be labelled racist?

Anonanon (10/08/22 @ 22:42)

....or maybe run it past the Race and Inclusion Board first to see if its ok.

paul webb (11/08/22 @ 08:04)

Without fear or favour!!

retired brief (12/08/22 @ 10:52)

More than a few of these cases involve heavily armed criminals who will not hesitate to shoot to kill each other and the police. Extremely fast action is required when sensitive intelligence is received. Does this scheme jeopardise all this whilst operational firearms officers are put on hold, whilst this committee is summonsed from the shower or wherever they may be and just how secure will the source of said sensitive intelligence and the person providing it be? Sounds like something dreamed up by one of the flag waving diversity 'wannabees' that the police have for senior officers these days.

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