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Northants PC dismissed after crashing police vehicle

retired brief (11/08/22 @ 12:12)

An officer with mental health problems behaving 'wholly out of character' sacked and put on the banned list. Surely a final written warning tied to appropriate treatment and light duties until his health is restored? Unless there is more to this story than we know or is it just the we will not tolerate brigade having a bean feast wit their wotiffs??

Anonymous (11/08/22 @ 14:20)

I think if he'd just admitted up front about being mental Manny and driving with lights sirens then he'd have got a warning at most. It's because he lied several times he got boot

retired brief (11/08/22 @ 17:16)

yes I understand that, but was his state of denial something to do with his mental health problem, rather than the action of a so called rational man, and was this considered by the we will not tolerate brigade?

chris24pc (12/08/22 @ 13:38)

Sorry guys but I can't agree with your comments. This officer accepted a call to a domestic, which did not require his attendance. He did not inform his control room. He then drove on blues and twos even though he was only a basic driver. He then continuously lied to supervisors over the use of the emergency warning equipment. At his disciplinary hearing he claimed 'mental health' problems. If I were in his position, and genuinely suffering mental health problems, I would turn up at the hearing with the appropriate medical proof, and hope that the panel would take this into consideration. However, if I was just claiming this illness without any evidence, I would expect to be sacked. It's the same old story ...... you can make an error of judgement and get away with a warning. But tell lies and you get sacked. Silly boy for lying.

paul webb (15/08/22 @ 12:24)

A superintendent at the scene of a police vehicle RTA. WOW. However once he started telling porkies he was toast.

Anon (16/08/22 @ 22:21)

Read it again Paul. It was 6 days later he lied to the Superintendent. Not at the scene of the RTC.

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