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PC claimed fake partner died of cancer to get days off

retired brief (11/08/22 @ 17:00)

Dear me, is this what the job has come to? Recruiting people like this, what checks were made when he applied to join the job on his domestic situation and suitability to be a police officer? Looks like they were not very stringent. Have to say things have changed so much since I first joined. In 1973 My wife went into hospital to have our first child. I was on nights in uniform and asked the inspector if I could have the next night off (just the one night) so that I could be with my wife as she gave birth. He refused my application saying there is nothing you can do that is down to her. So I was on nights fighting drunks and locking them up as my wife gave birth. Now clowns like this one are given every consideration under the sun with, it would appear, no check on what they are saying. I mean one cannot be accused of bullying in what was once a disciplined service can one?

Anonymous (12/08/22 @ 12:00)

In respect of the above commenter who shares his experience with being denied the time off if his wife giving birth, clearly the Inspector was wrong and that was not only an inhumane but totally unacceptable decision on his part. Outrageous and I hope that isn't allowed to occur nowadays. However in regard to the actions of the nincompoop in the article from WMP, what he has done is made it harder moving forward for those seeking adjustments at work for genuine reasons be it compassionate leave or shift start times etc. Now supervisors may feel pressured to ask more probing questions and carry out verification of such. Having said that there was a case a few years back a WPC probationer was getting compassionate leave to take sets of nights off because she claimed her dad was dying in hospital. The inspector called the hospital there was nobody matching her dad's name! Then she got done for shoplifting in Asda and got the can anyway!

Bob French (12/08/22 @ 13:47)

What a despicable act, he should be sat in a poorly ventilated prison cell. Good riddance!

Bob (13/08/22 @ 14:47)

I joined in 1986, and reading some of the 'tales' on here I sometimes really don't recognise the job I spent most of my working life doing. Dare I say it that in 'some' cases the wrong people are being encouraged to join in the first place, and unsuitable or unqualified people are being promoted long before they have gained the experience needed to supervise others ? I know times have changed, but I honestly believe I can say that none of the supervisors I ever had would have been fooled by a 'Walter Mitty' tale like this one for long. We had our fair share of 'jokers', and everyone was up for a laugh, but I don't think I ever worked with anyone who would have been stupid enough to try something as doomed to failure and result in the sack as this one.

Springbok223 (21/08/22 @ 17:06)

Obviously nobody bother to check whether what he was telling them was correct. A discreet inquiry could have been made to discover the facts.

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