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Seven officers under investigation following stop and search

retired brief (18/08/22 @ 16:35)

Vauxhall is one of the worst inner city deprived and crime ridden areas of Liverpool. If the original incident took place in Vauxhall the IOPC door to door enquiries would have met with a blanket refusal to open doors to their knock and/or a feral response involved in the cultural hatred of the police by the majority, with the decent minority to frightened to tell the truth and being accused of 'grassing' to the police with the consequences that come with that. The track record of the IOPC indicates that they will have no idea of this sub culture and will carry out their 'hunt a bobby routine' taking on board as they are told the usual fantasy horror anti police stories by so called loved ones.

Jensen2021 (18/08/22 @ 18:30)

No doubt the full facts won’t come out, but that won’t stop a stampede of the usual anti cop idiots on media/social media spouting their usual nonsense in the meantime

paul webb (19/08/22 @ 09:57)

Yet again the muppet squad goes in to an enquiry with its mind already made up. The police were at fault, now they will search selectively for the evidence to prove it. Have they already found the flower and card shop for the family who they have sympathy for. No concern for the officers who now face waiting for several years as they blunder around the investigation like the keystone Cops.

Anonymous (19/08/22 @ 11:45)

Just because you meet someone in the street doesn't mean you killed them. Like I met Elvis Presley in Manchester High Street a while back and now he's dead but it's not like I killed him

Springbok223 (21/08/22 @ 08:45)

The IOPC will 'grab' anything that might help them 'bag a copper',they are such a 'holier than thou' outfit who know very little about police work, and are as slow as a Tortoise when it comes to investigations, and poor at them.

Bob French (24/08/22 @ 16:47)

The obligatory Op Scapegoat, commences.

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