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Officer given final written warning for “unwanted touching”

Anonanon (18/08/22 @ 11:27)

Really?.. a misconduct hearing and final written warning for that! Mind you, in this soulless,pious,puritanical world of policing that exists today if the officer was male he would likely have been shown the door.

paul webb (18/08/22 @ 13:22)

A final warning!! Some of the shift do's I went on, we would all be facing jail time if this was the standard. What were the officers who I assume were male thinking of when they went running to the gaffer screaming " she touched me, she touched me" I would hate to work with any of these people today. It sounds like the old East Germany with the everybody informing on everybody. What a depressing organisation it has become.

retired brief (18/08/22 @ 15:08)

Incredible, just a quiet word in her ear next time on duty by her sergeant would have sufficed, as part of her probationary learning process. Would have cost next to nothing in comparison with the cost of a full scale 'gross misconduct' (really?) hearing. The male officers concerned must be wimp snowflake types of the first order to have made formal complaints. Unless there is more than we are being told of course.

Pete (18/08/22 @ 15:58)

Pete (18/08/22 @ 15:58)

Captainover (18/08/22 @ 16:01)

Not condoning her behaviour in anyway as it is completely wrong and I cannot understand why people think they can go around fondling people when in drink. However…… The “victimsâ€쳌 in this are probably children in police uniforms who are conditioned into running to the boss for a gold star instead of behaving like adults and getting her to one side and telling her they don’t like her idea of fun. They’re meant to be police officers but in reality don’t have the maturity to even speak to a colleague about some rather inappropriate behaviour. They would rather do the playground solution and run to the teacher. The police is fast becoming a place that no one will want to work in. I remember in the early 2000s being touched inappropriately in a bar by a male colleague (not police at the time). I gave him a knee in the balls and told him in no uncertain terms never to touch me again. He walked off and nothing else was said about the matter. His ego was damaged and he got a bit of pain to boot. Nowadays he would probably claimed he had been the victim in his version of “their truthâ€쳌.

Anthony (18/08/22 @ 16:26)

Unbelievable and shameful, for what; a kiss, a kiss on the cheek and an arm around the waist. Have the police service leaders of Northumbria Constabulary become so fearful of criticism, that they are willing to throw a new police officer under the bus. What a sad state of affairs.

Anon (18/08/22 @ 16:53)

Considering the directive from Marsh and the IOPC yesterday, you can almost guarantee that had this been a male officer they would have been immediately dismissed. This is of course where the IOPC's stance falls down in that there is no fair and equal treatment just a blanket approach for any instances of male officers stepping out of line. Surely this case will be used as an example to appeal Gross Misconduct dismissals that come up in the future!

Captain munt (18/08/22 @ 17:32)

As usual everything is going to the extremes because of a few idiots. This sort of nonsense is going to create a very toxic environment in policing and a total lack of trust . Easily manageable with some advice from a sergeant . Embarrassing waste of time and money. Those who were terrified of her behaviour need to look for a new career .

Jensen2021 (18/08/22 @ 18:28)

Christ…police really held to an impossibly higher standard than everybody else (nothing wrong with high standards - as it should be) but sometimes it gets beyond the point of ridiculousness. This sort of thing I dare say has been done by teachers, doctors, but I doubt that it would elicit the same response

Mike Hunt (18/08/22 @ 20:58)

Pete, I am speechless too at this! Imagine too if she had burped cos of all the drink she had taken. Some of her colleagues would have needed the vapours! I wonder can her "victims" claim to have been Pegged ?!

Guest (19/08/22 @ 09:32)

Is this a spoof report? She put an arm around his waist!!! Good God.....

Matt (19/08/22 @ 10:38)

The decision to take this to gross misconduct hearing brings discredit on the force and the decision makers that took it there.

Captainover (19/08/22 @ 13:08)

How on earth can "kissing someone" or putting your arm around someone cause the public to lose confidence in the police! Who are the crazy people making these ridiculous statements. Yes she was out of order. Nothing that a conversation by the two men involved (who are policemen!) couldn't have put right. God help them when they come up against a criminal. The service is breeding a whole load of snivelling children that go running to the boss to tell tales and can't just resolve things themselves. They really need to grow up and be adults.

billydane (19/08/22 @ 14:22)

like others i thought this was a spoof ; i will bet those who were judging this officer have spent one or two thursday nights down the quayside and seen an awful lot more going on than a kiss or an arm around someones waist

Anthony (20/08/22 @ 18:04)

billydane@ I shudder to think how these two male officers who complained, would be able to cope with a hen party of drunken females in Camden Lock. London. We would laugh afterwards, sometimes with a note of hysteria. Not officers I would be confident to have with me in a tricky situation.

XKnotscop (23/08/22 @ 07:15)

I wonder how the punishment for one of the male officers would have been dealt with if one of them had taken up the inebriated female officer on her advances and once she had sobered up she went on to claim all sorts of wrong-doings having been committed against her. The good old one rule for one strikes again.

Springbok223 (06/09/22 @ 14:29)

Public losing trust and confidence over this - what a laugh, they lose confidence when they see officer poncing down the street with rainbow flags, rainbow colours on their cheeks, dancing that stupid dance they do and kissing each other in public etc etc. Someone needs to get their priorities in the correct order.

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