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Armed policing removed from PEEL and SOC to be assessed by region

retired brief (18/08/22 @ 16:48)

PCC Emily Spurrell trumpeting how good Merseyside Police are in disrupting serious and organised crime. Nothing to do with this Corbynista PCC who set community relations back 20 years or so with her recent allegations that Merseyside Police were institutionaly racist in a media interview. The fight against serious and organised crime is solely due to the proactive policies and actions of Merseyside Police itself, but still let us not have that get in the way of some good sound bites in the media with photo of said 'proud' PCC, all good stuff for the next round of elections for the post.

Springbok223 (19/08/22 @ 15:24)

Doesn't he mean CC Richard Lewis. Does he have a complex about something so needs to put Dr in his title.

Springbok223 (19/08/22 @ 15:32)

I don't think Spurrel is too bright in the brain cell department. But she does like to take the credit.

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