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Detective’s casebook: Rikki Neave

Anonanon (02/09/22 @ 02:11)

Reading through the synopsis of the case you have to have a huge amount of respect for ACC Fullwood for taking it on. A cold case review from a job back in the mid 90's and getting a result. He identifies the failings within the initial investigation without ever being overly critical of decisions made and talking them through rationally in the context of how such serious inquiries were staffed and processed in that era. Even came back after retirement to see it through at court. Nailed his suspect. Then we have his five 'bits of learning' A very suitable role model for those of similar rank these days.

Jensen2021 (07/09/22 @ 20:20)

I agree. I think he explains it all very well, especially in describing the differences within the CJS between then and now

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